A mathematical solution to the career equation.

The matrix of opportunity surrounds Math majors. Perfectly compatible with technology, business or educational careers, this program will help you find your niche and then provide you with tools to work in the field.

“Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas,” –Albert Einstien

Your Courses

Traditional math combined with research and statistical studies builds a solid foundation for career exploration.

Head of the Class

I can never express how grateful I am for my professors' time, knowledge, and mentorship throughout my four years at Quincy.
Elizabeth Farnell '07, Military Psychologist


Students pursuing certification to teach grades 6-12 in Mathematics will have the advantage of the Professional Development School (PDS) model. From your first Education course, you’ll work in a public or private school, continuously connecting theory with classroom practice.

A Few or Your Career Options

  • Math teacher 6-12th grade
  • Computer Science
  • Actuary Scientist
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