Aviation Degree Program

Your Future Takes Flight In This Opportunity Bound Program

Partnered with Quincy’s Jet Access Flight Training, this commercial Illinois air hub will become your classroom for an Aviation Bachelors Degree. With three runways and low-traffic airspace, students advance quickly in Quincy’s intimate and professionally led flight program. This is where you will conduct your first training flight.

“A mile of road will take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere.”

Piloting Fun Facts

  • Learning how to fly is an investment, but enrolling into the aviation program at QU can save you a significant amount on the cost of becoming a professional pilot compared to other institutions.
  • Being in the Midwest, students will be able to see and experience all four seasons of weather and its effect on flying.
  • With a low student to instructor ratio, one-on-one time with flight instructors, airplane availability, and personal aviation attention is never in question.
  • Being based at a working FBO rather than a separate building owned by the university, students have opportunities to meet and interact with real commercial pilots, providing invaluable networking opportunities.
  • Students can conduct solo flights by the end of their first semester!
  • Not only do you gain flight experiences that will last you a lifetime but fellow aviation friends as well.
  • The airplanes are maintained to the highest standard by highly experienced mechanics who have worked with the company for decades.
  • Students have the ability to talk and interact with Professional Pilots on a daily basis at the Quincy Aviation FBO.
  • Students get the chance to fly to many major American cities during training.
  • Designated Pilot Examiner available locally.

Your Pilot Degree Courses:

Eric Stietz - Aviation

Stay in Touch

I would recommend QU to anyone who likes the idea of a smaller university with personal attention and caring faculty.  I am still in touch with many of the faculty that taught me and that I worked with in my time at Quincy.
Eric Stietz, Pilot, Trans States Airlines, LLC.

Your Flight Degree Career Options

  • Corporate pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Cargo/freight pilot
  • Agricultural pilot
  • Aerial fire fighter
  • Air ambulance pilot
  • Air taxi pilot
  • Military pilot
  • Various positions with major or regional airlines

Active Aviation Learning Opportunities

Airplane flight degree students study at Quincy Aviation through a partnership with Quincy University where they mingle with professionals and become intimately connected to the piloting world.

Fun Fact: Last spring break our students traveled over 10,480 miles to complete 4,000 service hours in New Orleans, New York, South Carolina, and more.

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