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Academic Assessment Committee


The Assessment Committee is the venue for all assessment activities related to curriculum. The Assessment Committee is charged with coordinating the University’s academic assessment efforts and facilitating the continuous improvement to teaching and learning in the learner–centered environment. The Assessment Committee is responsible for integrating assessment at four levels: the student, the course, the program (Bonaventure Program and degree programs), and the institution.


The goals of the Assessment Committee are:
1. To facilitate continuous improvement in the teaching and learning environment at Quincy University through assessment of student learning
2. To effectively coordinate the University’s institutional assessment efforts, including data collection, analysis, reporting and warehousing
3. To promote the transparency of assessment processes and the publication of assessment results to involved constituents
4. To make recommendations regarding the integration of assessment data into the University’s faculty development practices and activities
5. To make recommendations regarding resources to promote the long-term success of teaching and learning activities and practices based on assessment results

Current Committee Members:

Ann Behrens
Vicky Eidson
Patricia Tomczak
Harry Cramer
David Shinn
Teresa Reed
David Kirchhofer
Ken Oliver