Registration Schedule

Students will register for classes based on the number of hours they have completed at the end of Spring or Summer 2023 term (not including Fall 2023 hours).

Honors/Graduate Students Mon., Oct. 30 8 a.m.
Most Seniors Students with 86/+ hrs completed Tues., Oct. 31 8 a.m.
Most Juniors Students with 48-85 hrs completed Fri., Nov. 3 8 a.m.
Most Sophomores Students with 24-47 hrs completed Mon., Nov. 6 8 a.m.
Most Freshmen Students with 0-23 hrs completed Wed., Nov. 8 8 a.m.


  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor in advance, and have a tentative schedule of courses you wish to take. During this meeting you will select classes in consultation with your advisor. Also at this time, your advisor will authorize you for self-registration in the student portal ( You will be able to register on your assigned day and time (see schedule above).  BRCN Junior/Senior students will register with their BRCN advisor, Kim Erskine.
  • Note that there are some courses for which students cannot self -register.
  • To register for credit hours over 18, they will need the approval of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs (FRH 124).
  • Practicum/Internship hours must be registered prior to the start date of the experience. See Kristen Liesen in the QUEST Center (SSC) for details!


Make sure you do not have any holds on your account. Types of holds include:

  • Business Office holds (see Kristi Shelton in the Business Office)
  • Immunization holds (see Tammy Duesterhaus)
  • Major Declaration holds (see the Registrar’s Office – FRH130).


Students need a QU e-mail account to get QU updates including access to selfregistration, grades, financial account information, etc. For more information, please
contact IT Services at Ext. 3690, FRH 134.

You can access the J-Term & Spring 2024 schedule by visiting
Contact the Registrar’s Office if you have questions at Ext. 3970