Residence Halls

Live & Thrive On Campus

Studies prove that college students who live on campus are more likely to:

  • Earn higher GPAs
  • Graduate earlier than students who live off campus
  • Report an overall higher quality of life

Student Living Center

Residence HallsThe Student Living Center, or SLC as it’s more commonly referred to, is the newest addition to the Quincy University Residential Community.

  • As a 92-bed, upperclassmen, air-conditioned facility, it houses students in an apartment-style setting.
  • The SLC offers a majority of three-person apartments and has a limited number of two-person and single apartments.
  • Each apartment comes with a kitchen area with a full-size refrigerator, oven, microwave, and sink.
  • In addition, each apartment has its own bathroom and furnished living room area.
  • The SLC also offers updated security with cameras at the entrance points and a card swipe system to access the building.
  • Students can also enjoy programs and social functions in the main lobby with a 60-inch television.
  • There is also one laundry room on each floor.

Friars Hall

KK2_2708Friars Hall is a coeducational residential option for upperclassman, offering private, single occupancy rooms.

  •  The facility is directly connected to Francis Hall (QU’s main administrative and educational building) by an indoor walkway.
  • Friars Hall offers a commanding view of the QU campus.
  • Friars Hall rooms are larger than normal singles.
  • In addition, some rooms offer a vanity with a sink.
  • All rooms are air conditioned.

Garner Hall

KK2_2747Recently renovated, Garner Hall houses 140 first year men and women.

  • Garner is located on Chestnut Avenue and is adjacent to Helein Hall.
  • Garner offers double occupancy air conditioned rooms that are coed by floor.
  • In addition, there is a kitchen area along with a study room and two lounges.
  • Laundry facilities are located in the lower level.
  • Convenient parking is located adjacent to this dorm.

Helein Hall

KK1_5116Helein Hall, located at the corner of 20th & Chestnut, houses freshman.

  • Helein offers double & triple occupancy rooms.
  • Helein has an expansive lounge with fireplace connecting the two wings of the dormitory with one male & one female wing.
  • Each wing has recently been redone: which includes new furniture, bathrooms, and air conditioning.
  • Laundry facilities are available to residents on the lower level.
  • Helein boasts a “backyard” for its residents.
  • It is used for relaxing, barbecues, & recreation.
  • Helein offers convenient parking directly in front of the building.

Padua Hall

KK2_2760Padua Hall is located in the heart of campus between the student center and the Hawks Hangout.

  • Padua is a coed dorm (by floor) housing 150 students.
  • Padua offers single occupancy rooms for freshman through seniors.
  • A laundry facility is located in the lower level.
  • Residents enjoy a common first level lounge and study areas, as well as game rooms on each floor.
  • Convenient parking is available adjacent to the dorm.

Willer Hall

KK2_2672Willer Hall is a popular coeducational dorm, housing primarily sophomore and junior students and is located on 18th and Lind Street.

  • Willer rooms are arranged in suite style, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on each side of the suite joined by a common lounge and study area.
  • Willer offers single and double occupancy rooms.
  • Residents enjoy a first level lounge and a lower level game room with pool and foosball tables.
  • Laundry facilities are located on the lower level.

Woods Apartments

KK2_2743Woods Apartments is a living community very similar to off campus housing.

  • Woods offers both 2 person and single furnished apartments.
  • Each student living in these apartment gets their own private furnished bedroom.
  • In addition to the bathroom, a Woods apartment also have a furnished living room and kitchen area with oven, full size refrigerator, and sink.
  • Woods also houses one large laundry room for the whole community.

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