Honors Program Requirements

The Honors Program is university-wide rather than departmentally based. Honors courses apply toward graduation in at least one of three ways: to fulfill a general education requirement, to serve as an elective, or to apply as a major course within a discipline.

Honors students may not take more than 6 hours of honors course work in any semester. Students must complete 18 hours in the Honors Program to receive Honors Scholar recognition.

Honors courses fall into one of 2 categories:

General Education Courses

Honors students will take two general education classes (normally 6 hours) that have special honors status. First-year students will enter the program as a group, sharing a common experience in one general education class in the fall and another in the spring.

Honors Electives

Honors faculty offer special, upper-level, limited-enrollment courses that build intellectual skill and promote in-depth or interdisciplinary inquiry. Students who have completed their first year will take 4 honors elective courses (normally 12 hours) over their course of study in the Honors Program.

Students may take two non-honors course for honors elective credit. To receive honors credit the student must acquire and complete a Directed Studies form from the Honors Director. Students should indicate how the class will meet the standards of the Honors Program. This may include additional readings, presentations, research, writing, lab work, service, and/or performances.

Senior Honors Scholar

Honors students who wish to challenge themselves beyond the bounds of the regular honors courses may aspire to Senior Honors Scholar status.

Honors Thesis

Those students wishing to earn the distinction of a Senior Honors Scholar must complete and make a public presentation of an honors thesis in their chosen area of study. This original research project may build on senior seminar research, but must, in the opinion of the faculty of the student’s department and the Honors Committee, meet the highest standards of scholarship and be completed in the student’s final semester in the program.

Students pursuing Senior Honors may, in their final semester, enroll in HON 498 (Honors Research). This two hour course allows time for research activities and is directed by a Quincy University faculty member in the student’s area of study. HON 498 does not fulfill honors elective requirements.