Health Services

The Health Services major provides a rigorous and coherent academic program for students who intend to work in support roles in the health care field and/or pursue additional health-care related credentials at the graduate level.

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Doug Sheffer

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Quincy's classes are small, so you get a lot of personal attention. Talking to other students in med school, they didn't know their professors very well. I worked with my teachers every day.
Doug Sheffer '07, Cardiologist, Medical College of Wisconsin

Through Quincy University’s online accelerated courses, you can take two classes per eight-week session while maintaining personal commitments. Students typically complete two classes per two eight-week sessions per semester, allowing students to meet the requirement of a full-time status through focused and concentrated study.

Opportunity abounds in the ever-growing healthcare industry.  With knowledge of issues in health care and applied science through our health services degree, students will begin their journey to a specialized health care career.  Experienced faculty will help you find your niche and guide your focus to an area of your choice.

Fun Fact: Need help with a class? Tutoring in the Student Success Center is absolutely, 100 percent free!

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