Health Services

The Health Services major provides a rigorous and coherent academic program for students who intend to work in support roles in the health care field and/or pursue additional health-care related credentials at the graduate level.

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A Balancing Act

I've been lucky that Quincy University has given me so many opportunities to lead and to serve. Getting involved while balancing class can be tough at times but it's been very rewarding for me.
Catherine Richards, Senior Biology and Chemistry Double Major and 2015 Lincoln Laureate Recipient

Through Quincy University’s online accelerated courses, you can take two classes per eight-week session while maintaining personal commitments. Students typically complete two classes per two eight-week sessions per semester, allowing students to meet the requirement of a full-time status through focused and concentrated study.

Opportunity abounds in the ever-growing healthcare industry.  With knowledge of issues in health care and applied science through our health services degree, students will begin their journey to a specialized health care career.  Experienced faculty will help you find your niche and guide your focus to an area of your choice.

Fun Fact: John F. Kennedy received an honorary Ph.D from Quincy University in 1960

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