Political Science Degree

The Laws of Leadership

Go from classroom to courtroom in this pre-law program as experienced professionals bring students into the world of politics and law. The fundamentals of critical thinking and strategic communication come together in preparation for government work, teaching or business—or to become an elected official.

“I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.” – Margaret Thatcher

Your Political Science Degree Courses

Political Science coursework helps students learn the complexities of law through lecture and experience. From Research and Writing in Political Science to Mock Trial, students will study law in the classroom and apply it in Quincy University’s courtrooms. QU also offers a specialized Pre-Law curriculum for those who are seeking admission into law school.

Preparing for the Future

I use the knowledge and skills I learned at Quincy University every day. That experience shaped my career and who I am as a person.
Kevin Hahn '12, Communication Staffer, Illinois Senate

A Few of Your Career Options:

  • Graduate School
  • Politics/campaign managers
  • Government work
  • Civic work
  • Law School

Active Learning Opportunities

  • Visit England in The London Experience, a week-long excursion focused on the historic and legal heritage of England.
  • Join Quincy University’s award winning Mock Trial team and compete against other collegiate schools.
  • Intern for pay at local Quincy law and political offices.
  • Courtrooms on campus and committed practicum courses give students the experience they need to be successful in the field
Fun Fact: John F. Kennedy received an honorary Ph.D from Quincy University in 1960

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