Special to Honors


Colloquia may be held several times throughout a semester, and may include service projects, round table discussions, trips to cultural, political, or academic events, or other activities that contribute to academic excellence, experiential learning, and building the honors community. Whenever possible, the entire university community is invited to participate in colloquia.


Honors Program members first meet during freshman orientation. At this meeting faculty introduce the goals of the Honors Program and answer questions about the program.


Each semester honors students register for classes before the general student population. Registering on the first day allows honors students to arrange their schedule around their responsibilities in the Honors Program.


Honors housing offers an opportunity for students to establish a community of learners who share a commitment to academic excellence and to one another. At present, Friars’ Hall is the honors residence hall on campus; it is not open to first-year students. A significant number of Honors Program participants live in the hall, although the hall is open to non-program students with strong academic records. The Honors Program uses Friar’s Hall as the center of its activities on campus.

Fall Honors Social and Spring Honors Banquet

The picnic kicks off the academic year, introducing new faces to old ones and building the honors community. The banquet ends the academic year and celebrates the achievements of students in the Honors Program.


In addition to foreign study opportunities, the program provides local and regional academic, cultural and political opportunities to build on the honors experience. Honors students are strongly encouraged to incorporate study abroad into their academic life.


Students who successfully complete the curriculum requirements for the Honors Program receive recognition at commencement, and appropriate notation on their transcripts.