Special to Honors

Academic Colloquia

The Honors College offers two academic colloquia each year. The Quincy University President offers the Fall Colloquium each year on a topic of his or her choosing. The Spring Colloquium is presented by a speaker chosen due to proficiency in an area that will be of benefit to Honors students. Attendance is required at both of these events. Honors students with circumstances that require them to miss a colloquium must obtain permission in advance from the Dean of the Honors College.


The Honors Dean will hold an orientation session for new students entering the Honors College, at the meeting Dean will answer questions about the Honors College.


Each semester honors students register for classes before the general student population. Registering on the first day allows honors students to arrange their schedule around their responsibilities in the Honors Program.

Fall Honors Social and Spring Honors Banquet

Honors students are invited to a special event at the President’s house each year to meet with both new and returning students.  There is a Christmas social with a catered dinner that is celebrated in the decorated campus ministry house.  Spring Honors banquet is held each year and is a catered event at the end of the academic year that celebrates the achievements of the students.


In addition to foreign study, the College provides local and regional academic, cultural and political opportunities to build on the honors experience. At times, Honors students are given special opportunities to travel and are strongly encouraged to incorporate study abroad into their academic life.


Students who successfully complete the curriculum requirements for the Honors College receive recognition at commencement, and appropriate notation on their transcripts.