Academic Support Courses

Specifically Designed to Meet Your Learning Needs

You can enroll in some courses that are not affiliated with specific academic programs or disciplines. Rather, they are designed to meet various institutional requirements as well as help you succeed.

Academic Success Skills: HUP 110

Academic Success Skills is an introductory course that fits well within the General Education Program (GEP) at Quincy University. The GEP’s mission is as follows: “Students integrate knowledge provided by a liberal arts curriculum in order to prepare for lives lived with wisdom.” Students who are identified by the Admissions Office as needing extra support to succeed at QU are required to enroll.

Career Development Skills

CDE 110 – Career Development
Credit Hours: 2

The course is designed to enhance those skills which are necessary for developing and implementing career choices and changes. An experiential approach based upon the studies of human motivation and need. Theoretical and experimental knowledge integrated and interpreted through objective interest and personality inventories. Each participant will receive individual evaluation and consultation. Graded A/F.

CDE 120 – Career Planning
Credit Hours: 2

This course is designed to enhance skills necessary in conducting a successful job search. Topics covered include resume writing, networking, interviewing and job search strategies. Grades will be determined based on class participation and written assignments. Students who have taken Career Development may still enroll in Career Planning. Graded A/F.

First/Senior Year Experience

FYE 100 – First-Year Experience
Credit Hours: 2

First-Year Experience, the cornerstone course for the Bonaventure (general education) Program at Quincy University, offers a seminar-style class for beginning students. You will work closely with a professor and a small group of students in a focused but interdisciplinary study on a subject chosen by the professors. Because it serves as an introduction to Quincy University and to the Bonaventure Program, there is also some emphasis on college-level learning skills and on becoming acquainted with the University community.

SYE 400 – Senior-Year Experience
Credit Hours: 1

Senior-Year Experience is the capstone course for the General Education Program at Quincy University. SYE, a one-hour class, brings more advanced students together for a final opportunity to reflect on and integrate their learning experiences in preparation for their move into the larger world.