For generations, students and families in Illinois and the Midwest have appreciated the value of a Catholic education at Quincy University. Now, nationwide research has confirmed their good judgment.

Research released over the last two years by the Georgetown University Center on Employment and Work shows that a Catholic education provides the highest median return on investment (ROI) among all types of colleges and universities.

An earlier Georgetown study, “A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4500 Colleges” published in 2019, measured and ranked 4,500 private and public institutions by ROI. The Georgetown Center then published a follow-up report last year, “ROI of Liberal Arts Colleges: Value Adds Up Over Time,” with the newer report showing that Catholic university ROI is 16 percent higher than other private non-profits and 27 percent higher than public institutions of higher education.

“While private, non-profit universities generally provide exceptional value for their students and families, this research confirms that Catholic universities, in particular, give their students a strong return on investment,” said Brian McGee, Ph.D., president of Quincy University. “Whatever the religious tradition or denomination of a student, she or he will benefit enormously from the choice to attend Quincy University or any other Catholic or Franciscan university.

QU is the only Catholic university in the Diocese of Springfield and the only Catholic university serving the over four million people of downstate Illinois.

Last year, QU established two new scholarships to create opportunities for talented Catholic students in the 129 parishes and 44 schools of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois to attend a Catholic university.  Other scholarships at QU always have supported both Catholic and non-Catholic students who wish to attend the university. About half of QU students are not Catholic, and students of all faiths are welcome at the university.

“From our origins in the nineteenth century, Quincy University graduates have gone on to live longer, healthier, happier and more financially secure lives,” said McGee. “That great legacy continues today, as our Success by Design program helps to assure students select the right major, identify their own connection to great careers, graduate on time and go on to jobs or further education.”

Founded in 1860 by Franciscan friars, Quincy University is celebrating 160 years as a small Catholic university emphasizing the sciences, liberal arts and the professions. Quincy University offers undergraduate, graduate and adult education programs integrating practical experience and Franciscan values. Faculty and advisors work with students to design customized success plans to help them graduate on time, find their passion and prepare them for life. QU is a member of NCAA Division II for intercollegiate athletics. For more information, please visit or contact the Office of Community Relations at (217) 228-5275 or Quincy University. Success by Design.