Quincy University’s Gray Gallery, located in Brenner Library, is hosting the Word Made Flesh: Eucharistic Art Exhibition October 31 – December 1.

The Catholic Church is in a time of Eucharistic revival, a time in which dioceses (regional church districts) across the nation are working to educate the world on and to revive Catholics’ belief in the power of Jesus fully present in the Eucharist.

To contribute to the Eucharistic revival, Quincy University is hosting this exhibition to educate people on and awaken people to the real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Multiple Catholic artists from the Diocese of Springfield and beyond contributed their Eucharistic artwork in the form of paintings, photographs, 3D artworks, and drawings. The ages of the artists range from four to 40.

The subject matter of Eucharistic art is anything pertaining to the Eucharist, such as Jesus Christ, a depiction of Jesus Christ as He appears under the form of Bread, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary (the Mother of God), the Mass, or the Communion of the saints. Each piece of artwork will have a description that explains its particular relevance to the theme of the Eucharist.

Organized by Jessica Howell, director of QU campus ministry, the display is being assembled as part of the diocesan Year of the Eucharist going on now, which is part of the nationwide Eucharistic Revival.

For more information on the exhibit, contact Gray Gallery curator, Robert Mejer at mejerbob@quincy.edu.

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