Franciscan Retreat Center (FRC)

A Site for Spiritual Reflection for Over 40 Years

The Franciscan Retreat Center has served people of all faiths from over a one-hundred mile radius of Quincy.


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FRC Revitalization Plan

Much needed investments in the FRC facility will help the retreat center maintain its vision to provide a safe, nurturing environment for spiritual development and reflection. A prioritized list of needs was developed by a committee of representatives from QU, TEC, FRC and Cursillo:

  1. Replace plumbing infrastructure and modernize shower facilities on sleeping floors (funded by a $50K Tracy Family Foundation challenge grant, $50K University, $50K retreat programs)
  2. Upgrade restroom facilities on sleeping floors
  3. Renovate sleeping quarters including paint, HVAC, flooring, ceiling, fixtures and furnishings (mattress, bedframe, chair, nightstand, suitcase stand)
  4. Repurpose and expand rooms as necessary on ground floor and first floor for additional meeting, workroom, and storage spaces

These changes will have a lasting impact on the safety and comfort of Retreat Center participants, and equally important, the appeal of the FRC to newcomers.


Donate to the Franciscan Retreat Center

You can donate online or mail a check to:

Quincy University Advancement
1800 College Ave.
Quincy, IL 62301

Naming Opportunities

A gift to the Franciscan Retreat Center facility can be recognized by naming the following spaces:

  • Retreat Center – $1,500,500
  • Alternative Chapel/Large Conference Room – $100,000
  • Entrance Foyer (1) – $100,000
  • Cafeteria – $100,000
  • Palanca/Wheat Chapel – $50,000
  • Snack Room – $25,000
  • Small Conference Room – $10,000
  • Small Chapel – $10,000
  • Sleeping Rooms (101) – $10,000
  • Chapel Pews (15) – $5,000


For more information, please contact:
Julie Bell

Matt Bergman