National Alumni Board

Quincy University’s National Alumni Board is comprised of 21 alumni representing different geographical regions of the nation. Assisted by the director of development and alumni services, the Alumni Board maintains and stimulates interest in the University, helps generate financial support, helps provide internships and mentoring opportunities for University students, and acts as a liaison between the University and its alumni. The board holds its annual meeting on Quincy University’s campus during Homecoming.

To this end, the National Alumni Board will communicate with Alumni, will support the activities of the University, and will assist in fundraising and coordination of alumni activities under the direction of the University.

The members of the National Alumni Board for 2023-2024 are listed below:

National Alumni Board Officers:

President – Luis Barnes ’89
Palmyra, Missouri

Vice President – Blake Allison ’16
Decatur, Illinois

Secretary –


Board Members:

Ed Andrade ’94 – Manhattan, Illinois (Emeritus)
Bruce Alford ’94 – Quincy, Illinois
Blake Allison ’16 – Decatur, Illinois
Diane Ary ’79- Quincy, Illinois
Dianne Bartley ’82- Quincy, Illinois
Dick Bockelman ’65 – Shawnee, Kansas
Paul Brown ’65 – Quincy, Illinois
Mike Dietrich ’96- St. Louis, Missouri
Danielle Fleer ’98 – Quincy, Illinois
Walter Gorak ’68 – Ada, Michigan
James “Tony” Graves ’95 – Columbia, Missouri
Jerry Krogmeier ’74 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Timel Moore ’94 – Chicago, Illinois
Anna O’Gara ’85 – Belleville, Illinois
Joseph Selby ’68 – Washington D.C
Rickard Tarzwell ’80 – St. Louis, Missouri
Julianne Touhy ’15, Oak Lawn, IL
Mary Pat Vahlkamp ’88 – Quincy, Illinois (Emerita)
Kevin Wensing ’80- Washington D.C
Randy Westerman ’94- Quincy, Illinois
Harry Williams ’98 – St. Louis, Missouri

Chaplain – Fr. James Wheeler, OFM

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Alumni Association and Board is to foster a positive long-term relationship between alumni and Quincy University, to stimulate and maintain this relationship, and to support the University community.

For more information on Quincy University’s National Alumni Board, or to nominate yourself or a classmate for induction, contact Luis Barnes at