Quincy University Emergency information

Quincy University is operating under normal conditions.




Please consult this Web page for updated information on university operations. Additionally, circumstances permitting, the university will alert faculty, staff and students of threats or emergencies via email, text alerts and social media platforms.

Visit the university’s academic calendar for dates of scheduled campus closings. Latest updates on COVID-19: www.quincy.edu/coronavirus/

We can’t warn you if we can’t reach you. Make sure you are able to receive QU Text Alerts by signing up on my.quincy.edu

In an emergency, information can save lives. Educate yourself on emergency procedures by reviewing the Emergency Management Plan.

Protecting yourself means paying attention. Know your surroundings and be aware. Report any suspicious activity to Campus Security at ext 6500 or 217-653-0161

Your safety depends on you. Take action if you receive a QU Alert. Follow any instructions that are included and await additional information.