Music Scholarships


Music scholarships and grants are awarded to students who demonstrate a high degree of musical talent, whether instrument or vocal. Awards are determined by the faculty in the Division of Fine Arts after auditions are conducted and any additional requirements are met. While participation in music ensembles is required for these scholarships, it is not necessary to major in music to earn these awards.


Virtuoso Music Scholarship

There are student requirements for scholarship consideration. Candidate must demonstrate a high level of musical ability as determined by the QU Music Department faculty. Auditions for the Virtuoso Music Scholarship will be held on a specific date each February. Students who wish to be considered must attend the audition in person, must have applied to QU, and have forwarded their transcripts to QU Admissions. Students will have to complete the music audition form and the registration for the Music Visit Day.

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Any student participating in the QU Hawk Marching Band color guard during the fall semester will be awarded a $500 music grant for their first two years in the color guard and a $750 grant for their remaining year(s). Grants will be awarded for the fall semesters only. Students who play an instrument or sing are encouraged to audition for a music grant for the spring semester and can participate in additional ensembles throughout the year. Please contact Bill Machold for additional information on the grant and Marching Band.