Success Coaches

Our Mission

The mission of the Success Coach Program is to enhance student experience at Quincy University. A reliable point of contact from registration through graduation, your success coach provides consistent support as you work to achieve your goals.

We are Here to Support You

Your Success Coaches will…

  • Assist you with the transition to life in college
  • Connect you with various resources at Quincy University
  • Provide you support for personal and academic concerns
  • Develop a one-on-one relationship with you
  • Be a source of accountability and motivation for you
  • Empower you to advocate for yourself
  • Help you become engaged and connected to Quincy University
  • Encourage you to try new things and experience all that QU has to offer
  • Assist you with creating academic, personal and professional goals
  • Provide you support for academic concerns (e.g. tutoring, priority management, test taking, note taking, study skills, etc.)

Is a Success Coach the Same as My Academic Advisor?

Both success coaches and academic advisors are invested in helping students succeed, but their roles are different. Academic advisors play a crucial role in assisting students in exploring their academic interests, finding additional information and support resources, course selection, and crafting study plans that align with their educational objectives.  Success coaches help students balance school and life by emphasizing their academic and personal strengths while aiding in overcoming potential challenges.

Meet the Success Coaches

Success Coaches are here to suport you every step of the way during your time at Quincy University. We are located in the Student Success Center (lower-level of Brenner Library). Just remember that your Success Coach is your go-to person!

How Can I Make an Appointment with a Success Coach?

  • Current students can login to the QU Navigate app
  • Click on the Appointments icon
  • Select the Schedule an Appointment link at the bottom
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the type of appointment and select Success Coaching
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the service type for your appointment
  • Use the drop-down menu to Select a Date (if your date is not available, it will show all available dates)
  • Click the Find Available Time