What is the President's Honors College?

PRESIDENT’S HONORS COLLEGE The Quincy University President’s Honors College provides a distinctive academic experience for qualified students who choose Honors. With designated Honors courses and extraordinary experiences inside and outside the classroom, Honors students work with faculty and one another while searching for answers to life’s most fundamental questions.

At Quincy University, the Honors College is jointly led by the President of the University and the Honors Dean, as Honors participation represents the University’s highest expression of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. Honors students are invited to special events at the President’s House and the President interacts both formally and informally with Honors students throughout the year. The President also leads each year’s Fall Colloquium.
The President’s Honors College provides an academically challenging course of study that adds an interdisciplinary and enriched dimension to a student’s major field and experience in the Bonaventure Program. Honors students and faculty pursue the University’s mission to elevate students’ educational experiences, to prepare them for leadership, and to build relationships with faculty and each other. The Honors College promotes academic excellence through sustained critical thinking, original research, exceptional writing, and public presentation of scholarly work. Its members attend academic colloquia and participate in aesthetic and cultural activities as part of their enhanced university life. Consistent with the Catholic and Franciscan intellectual traditions that make QU special, the Honors College creates a shared experience of intellectual community and provides exceptional preparation for a life of service and leadership.


“The Honors program has taught me that to become great, hard work is necessary. I think that’s what this program is all about, being recognized for going above and beyond.”  ~Dylan Foley, class of 2023