Tafi Lathrop

Tafi Lathrop, who finished QU's degree completion program and is now a current QU MBA student, always dreamed of completing a bachelor’s degree. When it came time for her to decide on a school, QU was an obvious choice for the Quincy native. The faith-based community with Franciscan values, coupled with the flexible schedule offered through the St. Clare Professional Studies Program attracted Tafi to QU.

Tafi found that the business program and communication with the faculty and students provided a clear understanding of recent trends and developments in the business field. The classes she took related to her career and helped strengthen her workplace skills.

“It is never too late to obtain a degree. If you are passionate about learning and want to develop yourself and gain new skills, it is very achievable. Meeting with an advisor and getting a plan in place is the first step. They partner with the student to find what works for each individual and their needs.”

Ashley K. VanCamp

While working as an admissions counselor at Quincy University, Ashley K. VanCamp discovered a passion for working with high school students. When she realized to be a high school counselor she would need a master’s degree, her alma mater was a natural choice to pursue a Master's in School Counseling.

QU always felt like family, first as an undergrad student and then as an employee. Being a graduate student was no exception. The professors were always willing to answer questions about the program, and she knew she could go to them for anything. Many times she leaned on her professors for guidance and reassurance.

“The thought of more schooling can be daunting, but there’s no price tag for pursuing your dreams.”

Tammy Stegeman

When Tammy Stegeman found out her new role as a STEM Coach for Quincy Public Schools required a Teacher Leader certification, she turned to Quincy University for help. Quincy University worked with Tammy and other Quincy Public School STEM Coaches to design coursework that maximized the skills necessary to be effective instructional coaches and professional development providers.

Through the program, Tammy could work from home while maintaining a full-time job and home schedule. The online coursework allowed her to collaborate with fellow educators from the area while strengthening her coaching and leadership skills.

“ The benefits of continuing your education are worth the effort by providing new opportunities to improve skills and become more proficient at your job.”

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