Over the weekend, I am very sad to report that a QU student was assaulted and injured while out at a local nightclub. I am shocked and outraged by this attack.

Quincy University supports its students and will never tolerate violence targeting a student. We will do everything we can to make certain this assault is fully investigated. We are committed to keeping our students safe, supporting our students, and protecting this community. Any student who needs help and support as a result of this assault, including counseling services, should contact Dr. Tracy at tracych@quincy.edu.

There is still more to learn about the details of the assault, and Quincy University is cooperating and will continue to cooperate fully with the police and with any other investigation of this assault that may occur. If any students or other individuals know anything about this assault, we urge them to come forward and tell the authorities what they know. If you were there, you are involved, and you cannot avoid becoming involved. Our amnesty policy protects students who come forward, and students who do so will not be subject to the university’s accountability process. You can contact Dr. Tracy or Mr. Lathrop, or you can call the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers number at 217-228-4474.

Students are always welcome to ask our Student Development staff for the names of off-campus establishments that historically have supported the Quincy University community.

On the QU campus, we want you to be safe, which is why we have a 24-hour security presence and why 160 security cameras allow us to monitor much of campus. Sam Lathrop, QU’s Director of Safety and Security, has provided some basic safety tips, which are listed below. If you have any safety concerns on campus, please let us know.