Quincy University’s Gray Gallery, located in Brenner Library, will begin its 53rd Season of Exhibitions virtually on August 17. This year’s Season of Exhibitions will include eight different exhibitions featuring the works of tri-state artists as well as faculty and students.  

The opening exhibition, “End of Life, One Man’s Final Struggle,” features works by Bradley Flora and Peggy Zalucha both from Mount Horeb, Wis. This virtual gallery tour will be available at https://www.quincy.edu/gray-gallery/ from August 17 – September 11, 2020.  

This exhibit of mixed media on paper is a collaboration from the visual journal of the two artists as they cared for Peggy’s husband, Tony Zalucha, as he suffered from a degenerative brain disease. This project gave the artists points of connection with him as the disease took away his life in slow motion. As he lost muscle control, they literally became his supporters, and he, in turn, was supportive of them and their art-making process.

“He had a big heart and I saw it stolen out from under him,” said Bradley Flora. “I have never drawn an individual’s portrait as many times as I drew my Uncle Tony, and having his  blessing was such a gift.”

For additional information, contact Robert Mejer, Gray Gallery curator, at mejerbob@quincy.edu

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