This fall, Quincy University students have experienced a rather unique course, The Biology of Dogs. Dr. Joseph Coelho, professor of biology, teaches this course in conjunction with guest speakers from the Quincy community.

“This course is great for students because they are learning a lot of the basics of biology using a familiar example, the domestic dog,” says Dr. Coelho. “Bringing live dogs into class almost every week provides hands-on experience and reinforcement of many of the lecture concepts.”


Recently, Cosgrove, a 180-pound Irish Wolf Hound (pictured above) visited QU. He is less than two years old and already a conformation [show] champion.  His owner, Madonna Wiewel, bought him from a breeder in California.  Although Cosgrove is as gentle as a lamb with people, the Irish Wolf Hound was designed to run down wolves and kill them with crushing bites.

Coelho adds that his affiliation with the Quincy Kennel Club has allowed him to tap into a lot of expertise and variety of breeds. Alumni and current students have also contributed by bringing in their dogs.