Quincy University sophomore, Ian Heinze, was recently published by the National Alzheimer’s Association for a story he wrote about his grandma, who has had Alzheimer’s for a few years. His story, A Forgotten Lifetime was published at the end of November. To find a copy of Heinze’e story visit https://alzcentralillinois.wordpress.com under November 2016 stories.

“It started off just as notes I would jot down while visiting her,” said Heinze. “These notes hastily evolved into a gnawing need for her story to be written down.”

Heinze originally wrote the story to get out frustration in a creative and productive way. He submitted his story, with guidance from his professor, Dr. Terry Sherer, in the spring of 2016 to the National Alzheimer’s Association; an organization that receives extensive amounts of papers from all over the world. He received the news within a week that his story was accepted and was in the process of being published.

“To have a paper accepted and published by a national association was nothing but a blessing from God for me. Knowing that my paper has now reached other families struggling through similar obstacles brings me great joy,” said Heinze. “The paper is a no holds barred piece spoken true from my heart and mind on the atrocities of Alzheimer’s, the suffering that endures, and the lack of care given to those placed in Alzheimer’s care facilities.”