Dr. Joseph R. Coelho, professor of biology at Quincy University, recently attended the International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida. Coelho discussed the results of his research involving the ecology and behavior of Pacific cicada killers in a presentation, “Insects in Fireworks”, during a cultural entomology symposium entitled Insects and the Global Human Experience. The Congress, hosted by the Entomological Society of America, was attended by over 7,000 entomologists from around the world and is thought to be the largest such meeting of its kind ever.


In addition, Dr. Coelho recently had a photograph published in Arizona Highways Wildlife Guide. Coelho’s image, which featured hundreds of thousands of Mexican Free-tailed Bats emerging from an abandoned mine shaft at sunset, was taken while he was on a research expedition to the ghost town of Ruby, Arizona in 2009. To read Dr. Coelho’s academic works and research visit quincy.academia.edu/JosephCoelho/Papers.