Fifteen QU business majors from the Oakley School of Business attended the Promat 2023 Education Conference in Chicago, March 20-21.

Promat is the largest expo and trade show for professionals working in the supply chain, warehouse, and distribution industries. There were 50,000 attendees, mainly manufacturing and supply chain professionals. Professionals in the industry guided students to booths where companies showed them their innovations. QU students had the opportunity to network with the professionals.

Senior business major Paula Martinez said, “It was very impressive to see the new technologies that the industry is working on and what the future of the industry could look like.”

At the end of the conference, QU business students enjoyed a session with film and television director, producer and actor, Ron Howard.

For more information, contact Cynthia Haliemun, PhD, dean of the Oakley School of Business, at

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