Quincy University Distinguished Professor of Art, Robert Lee Mejer, has been invited, as 1 of 30 American Watercolorists, to exhibit his watercolor Take PC#47 in the International Fabriano in Watercolor 2017 Exhibition in conjunction with the International Fabriano (Italy) in Acquarello Convention. Carole Hughes-Hennessy ’73, a former student of Mejer’s, was also chosen to exhibit her watercolor in the Fabriano Exhibition. The exhibition will be on display from April 20 – May 15, featuring artists from 35 countries. American Artists exhibition will be showcased in the Paper Museum in Fabriano, Italy.

In addition, his watercolor piece, Take PC#18-Revisited has been selected by Carlos Aguirre, Professor of Art from the University of Miami for exhibition in the 51st Annual National Drawing & Small Sculpture Show at Del Mar College. The exhibition will be held at the Joseph Cain Memorial Gallery/Del Mar College, Corpus Christi-TX from February 17- May 5, 2017. Mejer’s monotype assemblegraph Crossroads was selected for exhibition in the 38th Annual Paper In Particular National Exhibition at Columbia College. The exhibition will be held from February 20 – March 31, 2017 at the Sidney Larson Gallery, Columbia College, Columbia, MO.

For additional information, contact Robert Mejer, Gray Gallery curator, at .