Quincy University hosted its annual End-of-the-Year Reception for faculty and staff on May 3 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The following annual awards were presented at the event.

Franciscan Service Awards:
Staff – Justin RayFaculty – Dr. Julia Auch
Part Time Faculty – Mike McKinley

Franciscan Hospitality Award:
Gary Bass

Excellence in Teaching Award:
Dr. Julia Auch

Retirement Certificates:
Jean Green – 39 years
Harry Cramer – 14 years
Sue Ann Winking – 44 years
Dr. Wendy Beller – 33 years
Dr. Wendell Mauter – 29 years

Staff Emeritus Certificates:
Sue Ann Winking
Jean Green

The following employees were recognized for their years of service to QU.

5 Years:

Tonya Beatty
Christine Damm
Kortarius Finley
Terry Williamson
Judy Abbott
Dr. Christine Tracy
Dr. Glenda McCarty
Nora Baldner Schnack

10 Years:

Donna Holtmeyer
Rick Buckwalter
Dr. Megan Boccardi

15 Years:

Dr. Vicky Eidson
Dr. Joe Coelho

20 Years:

Doug Johnson

25 Years:

Dr. Scott Luaders

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