Quincy University recently completed a strategic plan to guide the school from 2017 – 2022. The plan was developed over the past two years by the entire QU community including trustees, administrators, faculty, students, alumni, business leaders and community members. More than fifty people formed five teams representing the key focus areas of academic excellence, Franciscan mission, campus environment, enrollment growth and financial stability.

“Successful strategic plans provide the opportunity for organizations to make their institutional mission and vision more tangible and integrated into daily processes and operations,” said Dr. Ken Oliver, associate professor of school and community counseling and facilitator of the Strategic Plan. “The QU Strategic Plan is mission-driven, community-driven, and actionable and is vital to QU’s success.”

The new strategic plan is available for public viewing on the QU website, www.quincy.edu/strategicplan.  Key strategies to bring QU into the future include flexible curriculum delivery methods, a greater focus on Franciscan values in the classroom, QU community and university management structure; new program development, and expanding the diversity of our programs, faculty, and staff to serve the needs of our students.


With the university’s focus on mission-driven changes comes a renewed commitment to financial stability. Aggressive plans are in place to reallocate university expenses, invest in growing programs and carefully manage the university’s investments and expenses utilizing new financial management structures.

“Successful integration of the QU Strategic Plan is dependent on three stages: development, implementation, and evaluation/remediation. Now that the plan has been developed and approved, we are actively working on implementation and creating processes for ongoing evaluation and subsequent remediation,” said Oliver.