Quincy University will host its seventh annual Academic Symposium April 17 – 19 at the Connie Niemann Center for Music, South Auditorium, QU North Campus, 1700 Seminary Road.

 Students will present their original research April 17 and April 18 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.  Multiple poster presentations and special media presentations will be displayed April 19 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 

The QU Academic Symposium will feature the work of 58 undergraduate students, with the support of 15 mentors, representing the following schools: School of Science & Technology, School of Humanities, School of Fine Arts and Communication, School of Education and Human Services and the Oakley School of Business. The Academic Symposium includes 15 platform presentations and 22 poster and special media presentations. 

Academic Symposium awards presentations will begin at 1 p.m. on April 19.

The luncheon on April 19 will feature keynote speaker Brian C. Nolan, PhD, associate professor of psychology at QU. In his presentation, Dr. Nolan will present the results and considerations of a recent study on the trends of misconceptions about psychology consistent within the canvas of misinformation/disinformation that has become commonplace in the modern internet era. Surveys were conducted with Introduction to Psychology students at Missouri Valley College and Quincy University. The surveys contained examples of ideas that are well known to be incorrect mixed with items that are well known to be correct, and participants were asked to rate how true the item was. 

To attend the luncheon, please RSVP to Kristen Liesen at liesekr@quincy.edu or 217-228-5432 x-3355.

The Academic Symposium aims to prepare academically talented students for professional schools, to reward academic achievement, to provide an opportunity for academic competition among students and to offer a platform for interaction among major programs.

For more information about Academic Symposium, contact Caitlin Deskins, at deskica@quincy.edu.

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