Seven Quincy University students recently participated in a mission trip to Peoria, IL. Students served several organizations including a soup kitchen, a retirement home and a community center. Service included maintenance based tasks such as painting, yard work and cleaning.

“The surprising thing about this mission trip to Peoria was the student’s increase in the understanding of poverty. We got to interact with poor people, retirees and religious life,” said Gino Grivetti, a senior at QU. “The point of the mission trip is not just doing service but more to inspire a lifelong want to serve in the student and an increased understanding not just in what they do but what they take away from it.”

“I was really impressed by the students’ work ethic and physical labor. The evening reflections proved the depth of impact on each student. They realized that each person, no matter what their state was, is important,” said Ray Heilmann, Director of Campus Ministry.

Quincy University students attend multiple mission trips throughout the year. During winter break, student will be going to Biloxi, Mississippi where they will work with the New Life Disaster Relief organization and clean up after the recent hurricane, Matthew. Students are also planning a spring break mission trip, along with one over the summer.