QUINCY, Ill. – Quincy University released its Dean’s List for the Fall 2018 semester. Honorees must earn a semester grade point average of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) to be included in the biannual Dean’s List. In total, 335 students received the honor during the Fall 2018 semester. A complete list of honorees is listed below:

Jessica Abrego of Augusta, IL
Luz Acuna Corona of Glendale, AZ
Kingsford Adjei of Gloucester,
Jordan Altmix of Quincy, IL
Austin Amelung of Naperville, IL
Chris Ames of Quincy, IL
Patrick Anderson of Racine, WI
Paige Anderson of OFallon, MO
Mary Argana of Festus, MO
James Ariel of Chicago, IL
Justin Armfield of Eureka, MO
Raven Ash of Golden, IL
Alexander Aubuchon of Hermitage, MO
Emilee Autry of St Louis, MO
Courtney Baalman of Canton, MO
Madison Badgley of Liberty, IL
Jennifer Bakalyar of Quincy, IL
Jennifer Ball of Hannibal, MO
Michele Barletta of Johannesburg,
Isaac Barnes of Quincy, IL
Dakota Barnett of Camp Point, IL
Julianna Basler of Maryland Hts, MO
Abigail Bemis of Quincy, IL
Haley Bentel of Springfield, IL
Brittany Bentley of Springfield, IL
Rayme Bergman of New London, MO
Marissa Bergstedt of Logansport, IN
Jayme Bertish of St Louis, MO
Kay Bettendorf of Parker, CO
Eric Betts of Camp Point, IL
Wendell Bias of Quincy, IL
Philip Bland of Palmyra, MO
Peyton Bonds of Griggsville, IL
Lucas Booher of Quincy, IL
Cole Bradshaw of Griggsville, IL
Dorian Bramer of Quincy, IL
Shelby Brennan of Durham, MO
Ryan Briscoe of St Charles, MO
James Broemmer of Quincy, IL
Aftan Bross of Hannibal, MO
Darian Brown of Quincy, IL
Sarah Brown of Kirkwood, MO
Gage Brummell of Quincy, IL
Kimberly Bukowski of Noblesville, IN
Konnar Bunn of Palmyra, MO
William Burrel of Muskegon, MI
Keri Caldwell of Palmyra, MO
Ryan Callahan of Parkville, MO
Christina Calvo of Quincy, IL
Mitchell Carey of Quincy, IL
Abigail Carpenter of Freeburg, IL
Peyten Chappel of Mt Zion, IL
Daisy Chavez of Lansing, IL
Simon Chretien of St Martins, Christchurch,
Dylan Christiansen of OFallon, MO
Cole Cimarolli of Glen Carbon, IL
William Clark of Liberty, IL
Nicholas Coburn of Quincy, IL
Racin Coelho of Oakley, CA
Hayley Coffman of Eureka, IL
Clayton Cole of Weatherby Lake, MO
Nathan Conerly of Webster Groves, MO
William Connell of Quincy, IL
Christopher Connolly of St Charles, MO
Samuele Contestabile of Celano,L’aquila,
Noah Corrigan of Mendon, IL
Edgar Cortes of Beardstown, IL
Koby Craft of Liberty, IL
Lauren Crane of OFallon, MO
Joshua Crowl of Westville, IL
Emma Cunningham of Quincy, IL
Camryn Current of Quincy, IL
Gino D’Alessio of Milwaukee, WI
Alexander David of Johnson Creek, WI
Cole Davis of Quincy, IL
Shelby DeMint of Basco, IL
Sara Demuth of Shell Rock, IA
Robert Devries of Forreston, IL
Allison Diekmann of Imperial, MO
Madeline Dietrich of New Athens, IL
Jenna Disseler of Quincy, IL
Gwendolyn Dix of Quincy, IL
Katelyn Dixon of Mendon, IL
Rhonda Dodson of Liberty, IL
Christa Dowil of New London, MO
Samuel Dust of Quincy, IL
Ashton Dyche of Pleasant Plains, IL
Rachel Edwards of Murrayville, IL
Brock Elmore of Quincy, IL
Abbigail Elsie of Quincy, IL
Emily Entrup of Quincy, IL
Brenden Everhart of Frisco, TX
Jacquelyn Farbak of New Lenox, IL
Remi Ferguson of East Peoria, IL
Margaret Flowerree of Quincy, IL
Jacob Flynn of Mt Sterling, IL
Cassidy Foley of Quincy, IL
Quincy Fuehne of Aviston, IL
Alexis Giffin of Quincy, IL
Alexia Ginter of Troy, MO
Katherine Glidewell of Quincy, IL
Alyson Goggin of St Louis, MO
Marissa Gonzalez of Boerne, TX
Gabe Goodwin of Palmyra, MO
Allyson Gordon of Liberty, MO
Jackson Gregory of St Joseph, MO
Lucy Grenda of Carmel, IN
Andrew Grieshaber of Sainte Genevieve, MO
Luis Guzman of Brentwood, NY
Summer Hall of Quincy, IL
Paige Haller of Quincy, IL
Nicole Hamlin of Hannibal, MO
Jay Hammel of Brook, IN
Makaela Hampton of Benton, IL
Briar Hancock of Paris, MO
Noam Hannoun of Givaat Ada,
Tracy Hanson of Wichita, KS
Riley Hayes of Florissant, MO
Gabrielle Haynes-Levett of Florissant, MO
Victoria Hays of Alton, IL
Jeremy Heer of Brookfield, IL
Shelby Hendricks of Griggsville, IL
Carrie Hert of Quincy, IL
Ashley Hibbard of Quincy, IL
Taylor Hickey of Keokuk, IA
Jeffrey Hightower of Mascoutah, IL
Grace Hilbing of Quincy, IL
Nathan Hoebing of Quincy, IL
Allyson Hoener of Quincy, IL
Mattie Hoiness of Rochelle, IL
Rachel Holtmeyer of Quincy, IL
Audrey Holtschlag of Quincy, IL
Veronica Holtschlag of Camp Point, IL
Dante Hoover of Winchester, IL
Hannah Horman of Holmen, WI
Taylor Houghton of Quincy, IL
Demetrius Houston of Birmingham, AL
Hannah Howard of Mt Sterling, IL
Shane Hulsey of Troy, MO
Alison Humphrey of Payson, IL
Kristen Hunt of Pekin, IL
David Jacob of Springfield, IL
Samantha Jacobson of Monroe City, MO
Kyle Jacoby of Mendon, IL
Samuel Jehle of Wentzville, MO
Tyler Johnston of Hannibal, MO
Timothy Jones of Park Forest, IL
Natalie Jones of Florissant, MO
Dakota Kalb of Clayton, IL
Jacob Kalusniak of St Charles, MO
Margarita Kanaeva of Toronto, ON
Abigail Kastenholz of Pewaukee, WI
Shawn Kaufman of Quincy, IL
Bailey Keller of Quincy, IL
Logan Keppner of Coatsburg, IL
Courtney Kernich of Mount Olive, IL
Nathan Kewney of Quincy, IL
Jenny King of Mendon, IL
Valerie Kirk of Curryville, MO
Alexis Klinner of Quincy, IL
Logan Klitzing of Beecher City, IL
Michael Klotz of Millstadt, IL
Marisa Koch of Quincy, IL
Abigail Kohlberg of Moro, IL
Carson Kroshinsky of Quincy, IL
Breanna Kurk of Coatsburg, IL
Jaime Lam of Plymouth, IL
Nicole Lao of Chicago, IL
Olivia Lawler of Quincy, IL
Caleb Lay of Plainville, IL
Melanie Lefebvre of Pierrefonds, QC
Amber Lippincott of Hamburg, IL
McKinney Little of Quincy, IL
Zoey Little of Quincy, IL
Michaela Llewellyn of Quincy, IL
Lance Loos of Quincy, IL
Kerri Lord of Camanche, IA
Alexis Losson of Palmyra, MO
Carley Lovelace of Palmyra, MO
Alexa Low of Beavercreek, OH
Chase Lowenstein of Union, IL
Autumn Lucas of Liberty, IL
Amy Luley of Florissant, MO
Sarah Luther of Oak Creek, WI
Alyssa Machold of Quincy, IL
Laura Mackrides of Golden, IL
Mary Maloney of OFallon, MO
Lydia Martens of Heyworth, IL
Connor Martin of Swansea, IL
Riley Martin of Salem, IL
Alexis Martin of Warrenton, MO
Jennifer Masker of Barry, IL
Jon Mason of Quincy, IL
Emily Mccleery of Quincy, IL
Gavin McDaniel of Quincy, IL
Hallie McKenna of Quincy, IL
Karli McLaughlin of Orland Park, IL
Taylor McMonagle of Green Bay, WI
Kendall Means of Quincy, IL
Trevor Meny of Columbia, MO
Jessica Merino of Orland Park, IL
Benjamin Mero of Quincy, IL
Nicholas Messinger of Brighton, IL
Haley Milazzo of East Alton, IL
Abbigail Milhauser of Liberty, IL
Evan Milsteadt of Normal, IL
Stephanie Mizeur of Springfield, IL
Samuel Mock of Desoto, MO
Abbey Moore of Morris, IL
Adam Moore of St Charles, MO
Bailey Morrow of Springfield, IL
Danielle Moss of Fowler, IL
Faith Mountain of Mt Sterling, IL
Cassandra Moya of Quincy, IL
Daniel Murray of Algonquin, IL
Fallon Myers of Brooklyn Park, MN
Corbin Myers of Quincy, IL
Lauren Nadler of Erlanger, KY
Carter Naughton of Mundelein, IL
Elizabeth Niewohner of Quincy, IL
Emily Novelli of St Charles, MO
Dusty Nutt of Quincy, IL
Emily Obert of Quincy, IL
Katelyn Obert of Liberty, IL
Levi Obert of Liberty, IL
Abbey Owens of Marseilles, IL
Emily Owens of Marseilles, IL
Julie Palmer of Quincy, IL
Lindsay Parker of Clayton, IL
Elise Pasley of Quincy, IL
Sara Pate of Pevely, MO
Richard Peat of Fenton, MO
Venancio Pedrao da Silva of Quincy, IL
Beth Pendergraff of Quincy, IL
Robert Penrose of Broomfield, CO
Kyra Percy of Quincy, IL
James Perryman of Sylmar, CA
Aleksandra Petrovic of Bel Aire, KS
Paige Phelps of Rushville, IL
Cassie Phillips of Coatsburg, IL
Gregory Phillips of Canton, MO
Hannah Pickett of Quincy, IL
Thomas Pickett of Quincy, IL
Connor Pigg of Quincy, IL
Edward Plesha of Bloomington, IL
Jessica Poore of Grover, MO
Margaret Porterfield of St Louis, MO
Troy Potts of Quincy, IL
Kylie Powers of Oak Forest, IL
Josiah Prenger of Columbia, MO
Ryan Price of Arnold, MO
Abigail Pulliam of Eureka, MO
Julissa Quinonez of Rochelle, IL
Benjamin Rachilla of Mountain Top, PA
Sara Rathbun of Danvers, IL
Kristian Reiter of Kane, IL
Austin Ridder of Quincy, IL
Austin Riese of Belleville, IL
Makayla Robbins of Barry, IL
Thomas Robson of Cross Plains, WI
Justin Rodriguez of Bolingbrook, IL
Adam Rogan of St Charles, MO
Ty Rogers of Jacksonville, IL
Jose Rojas of Chicago, IL
Amelia Rokey of Quincy, IL
Madeline Rooney of St Charles, MO
Rachel Rosales of Naperville, IL
Kelli Roskamp of Sutter, IL
Peyton Ross of Clayton, MO
Alaina Rothermich of Old Monroe, MO
Julianna Rourke of Pacific, MO
Alec Roussin of Fenton, MOA
Andrew Rund of St Louis, MO
Landon Ruzicka of Canton, GA
Kyle Sachs of Troy, MO
Meghan Salamon of Pecatonica, IL
Kylee Schanbacher of Hull, IL
Elisabeth Schenk of Carrollton, IL
Suzanne Schmitz of St Louis, MO
Grace Schraufnagel of Verona, WI
Alexandra Severino of St Louis, MO
Abigail Shaw of Hamilton, IL
Kelsey Simmons of Mendon, IL
Brook Smith of Pittsfield, IL
Baylee Smith of Rochester, IL
Nolan Snyder of Germantown, TN
Madelyn Spagnola of Elgin, IL
Michaela Spanbauer of Oregon, IL
Nolan Spencer of Quincy, IL
Blake Sprecher of Cross Plains, WI
Kennidy Stephens of Quincy, IL
Charles Stuart of Kirksville, MO
Tanner Stuckman of Quincy, IL
Lauren Suchland of Hannibal, MO
Morgan Tanksley of Maryville, IL
Felipe Teles Santana of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo,
Regan Tenhouse of Quincy, IL
Devin Thomas of New Berlin, IL
Chyrome Thorpe of Imperial Beach, CA
Eric Tipton of Moscow Mills, MO
Abigail Tonsor of Jerseyville, IL
Genesis Torrens of Westmont, IL
Hayden Tucker of Sydney,
Kevin Turnbow of Quincy, IL
Emily Van Rie of Kirksville, MO
Cameryn Varble of Carrollton, IL
Emma Vaughn of St Charles, MO
Nicholas Veile of Quincy, IL
Alexander Vincze of Elgin, IL
Eduardo Vivanco of Quito, Pichincha,
James Vogel of Fowler, IL
David Webb of LaVista, NE
Nasiha Wehrheim of Quincy, IL
Erik Weiler of Edwardsville, IL
Danielle Wells of Barry, IL
Thomas Wensing of Quincy, IL
Geraldine Westerhoff of Channahon, IL
Matthew Westphal of St Charles, MO
Abigail Wheelan of Paris, MO
Oliver Whitham of Settle, North Yorkshire, GB
John Widhalm of Columbia, MO
MaKayla Wiese of Griggsville, IL
Whitney Wiggins of Rockford, IL
Sara Wilson of Rushville, IL
Veronica Wingerter of Quincy, IL
Mackenzie Winking of Quincy, IL
Michal Wiseman of Quincy, IL
Seth Witte of Payson, IL
Grant Wolfe of OFallon, MO
Reed Wolfmeyer of Liberty, IL
Samie Woodrow of New London, MO
Monica Woods of Quincy, IL
Ashlynn Worley of Livonia, MO
Aidan Zanger of Payson, IL
Lucas Zurcher of Nappanee, IN

Founded in 1860 by Franciscan friars, Quincy University (www.quincy.edu) is a Catholic, co-educational, residential university offering undergraduate, graduate, and adult education programs that integrate liberal arts, active learning, practical experience, and Franciscan values. Quincy University’s intercollegiate sports are members of the NCAA Division II Great Lakes Valley Conference for men and women. For more information, please contact the Quincy University Office of Community Relations by calling (217) 228-5275.