Quincy University’s Gray Gallery, located in Brenner Library, will host an art exhibitionfeaturing works by alumna Veronica “Viki” (Peterson) Sandercock ’91 of Quincy, Ill. This free exhibition will take place September 14 through October 9 and is open to the public. An artist’s reception will be held Saturday, September 26, from 3 – 4:30 p.m.

This exhibit is a culmination of Sandercock’s explorations with clay. From the various clay bodies, including more recent ventures into paper clay, you will see the artist’s fascination with textures and patterns within the confines of both organic and classical forms.

“The two things that tie most of my work together are my love of texture and natural, organic shapes,” said Sandercock.  “ I love patterns as well, but it often happens in a very organic way through, for instance, my coil work or exploring the textures created by pressing anything into the clay.”

Sandercock grew up in Quincy, close to the riverfront where she spent many summers exploring along the river’s edge and the natural world around her.  This left a deep, lasting impression on her life and work, especially in clay and, most recently, eco-printing. 

A graduate of Quincy University with a degree in fine arts and teaching, Sandercock never wandered far from the Quincy community. She has spent the last 25 years teaching and raising a family. Her busy schedule left her with little time to create her own serious artwork yet, encouraging her students to experiment with all media has been a fulfilling reward. 

Sandercock has spent the last couple of years experimenting with various clay bodies and glaze processes. As she transitions into her retirement years, she plans to dedicate more time to her artistic vision.   

“My greatest challenge as an artist today, like most, is navigating through and beyond the current pandemic which has affected, changed and shaped all our lives,” said Sandercock.  “From the way we work to our relationships with others, we are all striving to “get our lives back” as we face our brave new world.”

 For more information, contact Gray Gallery curator, Robert Mejer at mejerbob@quincy.edu. 

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