Graduate students from Quincy University’s Master of Science in Education Counseling program worked with local organizations, schools, agencies, and private donors to advocate for Chaddock’s mission and provide assistance to Chaddock’s Foster and Adoption Program. Children are sometimes placed in foster homes with little notice, which can leave new foster parents without items necessary to help the children feel comfortable during this transition.

Students, Amy Rainbolt and Paige Wellman, developed a donation drive to create placement bags to provide to children as they enter new foster homes. Scott Wheelock, a Foster Care Licensing Manager with Chaddock’s Foster and Adoption Center, provided the students with specific items to collect on behalf of the organization. With the help of several community organizations and private donors, the students are creating placement bags including basic hygiene items and special gifts for the children to help them transition into foster care.

In addition to collecting donations, the students helped inform the community about Chaddock’s services and mission, in-person, on social media, and by utilizing pamphlets provided by Chaddock. The assembled bags were provided to Chaddock’s Foster and Adoption Center, located at 921 North 24th Street in Quincy, on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm.

For more information, contact: Paige Wellman, or Amy Rainbolt,