For Immediate Release
January 28, 2016

The Quincy University Art Department will hold a fundraising event that combines the talents of area musicians with the quick drawing skills of two of the university’s art faculty. Art professors Larry Sewik and Karl Warma, with the assistance of freelance cartoon artist, Jamie Green, will speed draw musicians performing at One’s regular Thursday Open Mic night on February 4th.

Noi Sonethongham, owner of One Restaurant and a Quincy University alumna feels, “QU gave me the opportunity to make a better life for myself, and I heartily support this fundraiser. The Kings of Quick Draw is unlike any event we have ever had as it puts art and music together in a unique way.”

The evening promises to be lively as artists Green, Sewik and Warma are competing to see who can complete the most drawings and generate the most donations for Quincy University’s Art Department.

Beginning at 7pm, the artists will continually draw area music acts until 10pm. The drawings will be done at easels just off the stage where the audience will be able to see both the performers and artists simultaneously. As artworks are completed they will be immediately sent to the hall outside of the performance venue, and will immediately go on sale. Recommended donation per drawing is $10. Each artist will select at least one Artist’s Choice piece that will be auctioned at 10 pm, starting at a minimum bid of $30.

Musicians are encouraged to show up early at the stage to reserve their space on the performance list.

For more information call: One Restaurant, 600 Hampshire, Quincy (217-214-0600)

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