Quincy University has announced the addition of a January term (J-term) to its 2020-2021 academic calendar. A J-term is a four-week session held between fall and spring semesters that allows students to take a course that didn’t fit into their schedule or to get ahead or stay on track for graduation. For most continuing QU undergraduate students, the J-term course will be available free of charge.

“For months, QU has planned to introduce the January term, or J-term, in 2022,” said Brian McGee, Ph.D., president. “However, we believe the J-term could be helpful to many students during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are making it available for the first time in January 2021.

“Our new January term will provide a four-year student an extra four courses, the equivalent of a full-time semester, at no additional expense to the student. This is still another way that QU provides extraordinary value to our students.”

J-term registration is open to any undergraduate student who studied full-time during the previous fall semester and is registered as a degree-seeking student in the spring semester.

“Students can experience a single intensive course in the J-term, which is also an ideal time for short study abroad courses,” said Teresa Reed, Ph.D., vice-president for academic affairs.  “For some students, concentrating on a single course can help them succeed in that course.  Also, student-faculty research projects can be developed during the J-term, with support from our membership in the Council for Undergraduate Research and in some cases from a Title III federal grant.”

“Our commitment to Success by Design at Quincy University begins with the design of the student experience,” said McGee. “For many undergraduate students, we know that a single semester with a family or personal challenge may prevent that student from graduating on time, or completing an internship, or studying abroad. The J-term changes all that. By allowing an extra course each year in the J-term, students are more likely to graduate on time or have enriching experiences without any extra financial burden.”

Although a January term is new to Quincy University, such terms are common at many leading national colleges and universities, including New York University, Middlebury College, and Elon University.

Like all other fall and spring undergraduate courses at QU, the textbooks for J-term courses are covered by the cost of regular tuition. For this academic year, the J-term will be online only due to COVID-19.  Course availability and registration will be announced to students before the end of July 2020.

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