Quincy University School of Business hosted an award ceremony on Friday, May 5, 2017. The following annual awards were presented at the event.

Sigma Beta Delta (Top 20% of Junior Class and Top 20% of Senior Class.)

  • Haley A. Bentel (Springfield, IL)
  • Ryan M. Callahan (Parkville, MO)
  • Abigail L. Carpenter (Freeburg, IL)
  • Daken S. Fee (Kinderhook, IL)
  • Lacey D. Gallaher (Quincy, IL)
  • Dana L. Hussong (Liberty, IL)
  • Brady G. Loos (Payson, IL)
  • Patrick J. McCormick (Knoxville, IL)
  • Deitra K. Moore (Quincy, IL)
  • Dana C. Walker (Wildwood, MO) – Faculty

Certificate of Academic Excellence (Seniors with a GPA 3.75 and above)

  • Annie K. Arment (Quincy, IL)
  • Reed A. Bentzinger (Mendon, IL)
  • Matthew J. Bergman (Quincy, IL)
  • Jill S. Donley (Mendon, IL)
  • Dana M. Golden (Quincy, IL)
  • Kristin N. Harrison (Quincy, IL)
  • Dana L. Hussong (Liberty, IL)
  • Cuong D. Huynh (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
  • Tassie L. Lirely (Murphysboro, IL)
  • Grant E. Meyer (Sellersburg, IN)
  • Brittany N. Miller (Pittsfield, IL)
  • Huy Quoc Nguyen (Quincy, IL)
  • Tyler J. Ormond (Liberty, IL)
  • Nicole Elizabeth Ramirez (Springfield, IL)
  • Jillian M. Suellentrop (St. Peters, MO)

Certificate of Academic Achievement (Seniors with a GPA 3.50 – 3.74)

  • Carrie M. Allen (Quincy, IL)
  • Brandon S. Davis (Edwardsville, IL)
  • Morgan E. Ebner (Hebron, KY)
  • Mason A. Eisenberg (Quincy, IL)
  • Brenner Eversden-Duesterhaus (Quincy, IL)
  • Samuel J. Fisk (Chewelah, WA)
  • David J. Geerling, Jr. (St. Louis, MO)
  • David L. Hayes (Stanton, KY)
  • Maria L. Houston (Fowler, IL)
  • William C. Klusmeyer (Mendon, IL)
  • Craig S. Lantz (Columbus, OH)
  • Megan Linnemeyer (Clayton, IL)
  • Evan S. McGaughey (Carthage, IL)
  • Sara M. Phillips (Coatsburg, IL)
  • Daniel A. Schnicker (Wildwood, MO)
  • Marina I. Tikhanovich (Payson, IL)
  • Christopher R. Ward (Dyer, IN)
  • Troy M. Wehde (St. Charles, MO)

Gray Hunter Stenn LLP Accounting Award

  • Carrie M. Allen (Quincy, IL)

Certificate of Leadership (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

  • Reed A. Bentzinger (Mendon, IL)
  • Elizabeth A. Berkley (St. Louis, MO)
  • Bobbie N. Eastman (Fenton, MI)
  • Gino G. Grivetti (Chillicothe, IL)
  • Jessica L. Wicinski (Geneva, IL)

Certificate of Performance Excellence (ETS Major Field Test)

  • Robert J. Field (Liberty, IL)
  • Tyler J. Ormond (Liberty, IL)

Certificate of Entrepreneurial Excellence (Elevator Pitch)

  • Aaron M. Drese (Ballwin, MO)
  • Morgan A. McGinnis (Edwardsville, IL)
  • Bailey N. Smith (Rushville, IL)

Certificate of Industry Champions

  • Jacob S. Lounsberry (Sherman, IL)
  • Tyler J. Ormond (Liberty, IL)
  • Charles P. Pate (Kirkwood, MO)
  • Taylor M. Reis (Quincy, IL)
  • John B. Schmidtke (Edwardsville, IL)
  • Adelaide R. Schwenk (Quincy, IL)
  • Graham F. Spraker (Tucson, AZ)
  • Christopher R. Ward (Dyer, IN)
  • Troy M. Wehde (St. Charles, MO)