As appointed by the Quincy University Board of Trustees, the President of the University is the Chief Executive Officer of the Quincy University Corporation and an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Franciscan friars served as our presidents for the first 142 years of Quincy University. Fr. Servatius Altmicks, the first president, and the other early presidents used the title of “rector,” consistent with the German heritage of the friars who founded and operated the university.

Dr. Brian McGee is the 24th president of Quincy University but is only the twenty-second person to hold the presidency. Two previous presidents – Fr. Anselm Mueller and Fr. Gabriel Brinkman – were named to the position on two separate occasions.

Eighteen Franciscan friars, one Franciscan sister, and three laypersons have been presidents of the university. Because the friar-presidents were assigned to different duties from time to time by the Sacred Heart Province of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), Quincy University presidents often were in the role for between three and six years. All presidents from the beginning through the second term of Fr. Gabriel Brinkman were from the Sacred Heart Province, while the subsequent Franciscans were from other provinces.

Presidential Highlights

  • The longest-serving president, Fr. Anselm Mueller, served for a total of 37 years, beginning his presidential tenure at about the age of 25. Fr. Mueller, who was both the 3rd president and the 5th president, was nicknamed the “Little General” because of his short stature and reputation as a disciplinarian. Other long-serving presidents at Quincy University have been Fr. James Toal, Fr. Gabriel Brinkman, and Fr. Julian Woods.
  • The chapel in Francis Hall, the spiritual center of campus, was built and dedicated in 1912 during the presidency of Fr. Fortunatus Hausser, the 7th president.
  • St. Francis Solanus College was renamed and became Quincy College & Seminary in 1917 during the presidency of Fr. Gabriel Lucan, the 8th president.
  • The first female student, a religious sister, was admitted to the university in 1922, during the presidency of Fr. Ferdinand Gruen, the 9th president.
  • Quincy College was renamed and became Quincy University during the presidency of Fr. James Toal, the 19th president.
  • While Fr. James Toal used the President’s House on Chestnut Street for some university events, Fr. Eugene Kole, the 20thpresident, was the first president to reside in the house, beginning in 1997. Since then, three other presidents – Sr. Margaret Feldner, Dr. Robert Gervasi, and Dr. Brian McGee – have lived at the house during their presidential terms.
  • Sr. Margaret Feldner, the 21st president and a Franciscan sister, is the only woman to serve as university president.
  • Dr. Robert Gervasi, the 22nd president, was the first layperson appointed as president at Quincy University.
  • Mr. Phil Conover, the 23rd president of the university, was the only non-Catholic ever named to the position.
  • In addition to the presidents listed below, interim presidents have occasionally been appointed for the university, including, most recently, Fr. Mario DiCicco and Dr. David Schachtsiek. Both had previously been at the university in faculty or administrative roles.
  • The office of the current university president is located on the Francis Hall first floor, in the southwest corner of the building.

Dr. Brian McGee


Mr. Phil Conover


Dr. Robert Gervasi


Sr. Margaret Feldner, OSF


Fr. Eugene Kole, OFM, CONV


Fr. James Toal, OFM


Fr. Gabriel Brinkman, OFM


Fr. Titus Ludes, OFM


Fr. Gabriel Brinkman, OFM


Fr. Julian Woods, OFM


Fr. Henry Freiburg, OFM


Fr. Seraphin Tibesar, OFM


Fr. John Koebele, OFM


Fr. Vincent Fochtman, OFM


Fr. Alois Fromm, OFM


Fr. Ferdinand Gruen, OFM


Fr. Gabriel Lucan, OFM


Fr. Fortunatus Hausser, OFM


Fr. Samuel Macke, OFM


Fr. Anselm Mueller, OFM


Fr. Nicholas Leonard, OFM


Fr. Anselm Mueller, OFM


Fr. Capistran Zwinge, OFM


Fr. Servatius Altmicks, OFM