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QU POLIS: Hate Crimes (Part 2)

October 29, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Session 1:  Hate Crimes-Law, Public Policy and Enforcement.  In this first session, we will examine the legal framework of hate crimes legislation.  Perhaps, you have asked, why do we need hate crimes legislation?  Is it really constitutional to single out separate protected classes of citizens.  I mean isn’t a crime against any American a serious matter?  Or perhaps you are more of a mind that hate crimes legislation is needed, but you are not sure quite why you hold that opinion.  These are both valid points of view and good questions to ask.  And, as with any statute, the issue of public policy comes into play-how is it tracked, how is it enforced. Then there is this-what do the police who are charged with enforcement think about hate crimes legislation?  Some believe that the police do not adequately enforce hate crime statutes.  It is an under reported crime-why?  Lots to think about-your opinion matters so let’s talk.

 Session 2:  Why do we hate?  We are, after all, a country where the population is multi-ethnic and multicultural; it is a reality.  In a country where people are free, where we tout tolerance and individual rights-why do we find hate, intolerance, and anger driven violence?  Is it that the melting pot has cooled and we no longer blend…or maybe America was not really a melting pot to begin with?  Perhaps it was more ideal than fact, more hope than reality.  Maybe salad or mosaic are better terms to describe America, as some say?  If we haven’t blended then that implies sharp boundaries-divides that we seem to find difficult to bridge.  Do we teach hate from one generation to the next-teach by word and actions?  What drives hate?  Is it in our history-our blood as Americans?  These are serious questions that some might want to avoid.  Could it be that the avoidance of the questions is in the end the real problem?   Isn’t avoiding these questions really avoiding one another as persons?  Your opinion matters.  Let’s talk.

(Part 2, Part 1 is held on October 22nd)

$4 admission


October 29, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


QU North Campus Cafeteria – 1901 N. 18th

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