St. Francis Solanus Chapel Weddings

Photo Story
  On May 29, 1981, my husband Randy and I were married at the chapel. Fr. Lucan Freppert O.F.M. officiated. We graduated May 1978. We are still happily married. The wedding party consisted of from left to right, my sisters: Barbara Panta, Susie Azinger & Beth Lauro, myself, Randy, his brother Don Alexander, his cousin David Janssen and his friend Mike Steward.
John Steinkamp (81) and Karen Schneider (87) were married on Sept. 1, 1990, and celebrated our 33-year anniversary last Sept. We met at “The Club” (under the cafeteria) in the fall semester of 1986. Karen was studying for an Organic Chemistry test, and John told her that he had some old notes she could borrow. After all of these years and three wonderful children, we are still sweethearts. We always said, “the chemistry was right.” And Karen did well on that test, too
I started at Notre Dame as a Freshman in 1969. Dick was a Sophomore at Christian Brothers. At that time Notre Dame had a beautiful courtyard behind the school, where they had a dance at the beginning of the school year. My mom dropped me off with a couple of my girlfriends. The night went on until almost the last dance, when Dick came over to ask me to dance.
After that I begged to go to all the dances, and he’d always search me out. I wasn’t allowed to date alone until I was 16, but he did come over to our house.
We dated through high school and got engaged in 1974. We were married in the QU (then QC) Chapel on December 27, 1975 by Fr. Eugene Middendorf. I was majoring in Physical and Elementary Education and he was working at the Quincy Herald Whig. The Chapel was a beautiful place for a wedding with Christmas decorations adding twinkling Christmas tree lights and red poinsettias. My mom was happy we didn’t have to order as many flowers.
We celebrated our 48th anniversary this year. We have two wonderful kids, Angie and Bob, and 7 grandchildren.
I was a teacher at St. Francis for 43 years and he was a bookkeeper at Gem City Ford. We’re retired, but I still sub and we love to travel. God has been very good to us!!
We met in John Evans’ Western Civilization class during our freshman year at QU. A fellow student introduced us. We were married in the chapel on Thursday evening before graduation on Sunday morning. Fr. Mario Di Cicco was the celebrant.
We met in January of 1993. We each had a friend that was dating each other so we ended up at some of the same gatherings. We talked a little bit and shortly after had our first date at Tower of Pizza. We had both grown up in Quincy and knew a lot of the same people but had never met each other until college. In January of 1995 we got engaged, graduated from QU together in May, and then got married in September! We wanted to get married in the QU chapel because we met each other in college but it was also special to me because my parents had gotten married in the chapel back in 1970.
Our wedding took place on August 3, 1985 at Quincy University (then College) Chapel
How we met….well, that’s comical (now!)  It’s pretty common knowledge among our friends and family, and we all still laugh about it—but we met when I was dating his best friend! It wasn’t great at the time, but eventually, everybody got over it. And the friend was even in our wedding party! 40 years later, he and his wife are still our best friends.
Everything did turn out the way God intended it to. We were blessed to be married in the beautiful college chapel by my uncle, the late Rev. Roy Bauer. We got to be part of the only time in all his years as a priest when he was able to perform weddings on three generations of the same family. He first married my parents (his sister), then Steve and I, and then years later, our daughter and son-in-law.
Don and Pat Brummel of Plano, Il. Don graduated with the class of 1974. We met in Fr. Francis Jerome Grey’s History class and he married us in the QC Chapel (now QU Chapel) on February 16, 1974 so this year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary!
Adam and Lisa met at Quincy University on January 20, 2012. Adam had come over to cook a lasagna for the meeting he was having with Lisa’s roommate Amanda; they were director and co-director of Koinonia.
Adam and Lisa started dating February 11th. Their first date was to the Abbey where they waited hours and then went to QU for a hypnotist that was hilarious! Adam picked out the engagement ring on his birthday and he proposed April 13th 2013.
Their friend Eric was going to school to be a pilot also at QU and flew them over QU where they met, they were at 1400ft as they had been dating 14 months when Adam got down on his knee and asked Lisa if she would marry him. They landed and took pictures, Adam had friends and family waiting at Applebee’s for a surprise engagement party. They decided to get married May 24th, 2014. 11+13=24, Memorial Day weekend. They got married at QU where they met. They had a mix of traditional and catholic wedding, they wrote out the ceremony themselves. Father Fernand “Ferd” Cheri III and Pastor/family friend Matt Worstell were the officiants. This May will be their 10th anniversary and they have two boys and reside in Quincy.
My sister Brenda (Kluba) Schneider and her husband Bill Schneider got married on Feb 15th, 1986. Brenda was the first daughter (of 5) to get married and they chose to get married in the Quincy College chapel.
Then 26 years later, Nov 3rd, 2012, my husband Mike Stone and I (the last of the 5 daughters) got married in the QU chapel.
I love that the first and last marriages in our family were held at QU chapel and we wouldn’t have changed a thing about that day.
We are David and Lydia (Martens) Spillman. We were married on May 29th, 2021 in the QU chapel. Fr. John Doctor celebrated our wedding, and Fr. Steven Arisman from St. Francis Solanus concelebrated. David graduated with a degree in aviation in the spring of 2020 and I graduated with a degree in history education and theology in the spring of 2021. We met and fell in love at QU.
We met as freshmen in Father Francis Jerome’s Western Civilization class. Two people could not have been more unlike. Sue was a deaf art major who was the first person with a profound hearing loss to ever graduate from Quincy University. Leo was a music performance major. It took several years to work out the challenges, but they soon realized they indeed were alike with similar values and ideals. Today, 55 years after they first met and over 50 years since they professed their vows in the QU Chapel, they remain blissfully in love.
We met through friends when I was a senior in high school and Aaron was a freshman at JWCC. We dated through college. I played tennis at QU. Aaron went to Illinois State University. We married a year after I graduated. Aaron got his MBA at QU while working full time and we had a toddler and infant. I went back and got my MBA online at QU in 2018 when our kids were in elementary school.
Steve and I were college sweethearts too! He asked me to the St Patrick’s Day Dance and I said yes! That was in 1974 and we were married in the QU Chapel on July 22, 1978 by Fr John Ostdiek. 45 years, and two children who graduated from QU (Scott ’05 & Drew ’13), we love to support QU in any way we can!
Steve ’75 and Jan (Dickson) ’77
We met at the Memphis Missouri Country Club, at the Annual Christmas Party of Scotland County Hospital. She is a physician and was new to the medical staff at the hospital, while I was invited because I had been the Interim Administrator at the hospital, having completed that assignment earlier in the year and moved back to Quincy prior to her arrival in Memphis. It was love at first sight!
We were married in the QC Chapel by three priests, Fr. Titus Ludes, OFM, Fr. J. J. Lakers, OFM and Fr. Phil Moriar