The Sky is the Limit Be Anything at Quincy University

Scholarships, Internships, Hands-on learning; these are things that every university can promise you. We’re not unique in that aspect. You’ll find each of those things and more at Quincy University. What we’re sure you’re more concerned about is, “What can I become with this university or that university?” Well, we’ll show you what just a few of our alumni have become; mainly anything they put their minds to.

A Leader

A Leader – Francis Slay
Mayor of St. Louis
B.A. Political Science – Quincy University (1977)

Before becoming the longest-serving mayor in St. Louis history, Francis Slay found a home at Quincy University (then Quincy College) as a standout student of political science. He was a member of the Political Club, a “Who’s Who” student, and a star member of THREE national championship soccer teams

A Global Citizen

A Global Citizen – Fr. Michael Perry
Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor
B.S. History / B.S. Philosophy – Quincy University (1977)

In 2013, Fr. Michael Perry was elected Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor—the head of the 13,500-member Franciscan Order. He became the 120th and only third American successor to St. Francis of Assisi himself. He now resides in Rome and has met with Pope Francis on many occasions.

A Creative Force

A Creative Force – LaRon Grant
B.S. Music – Quincy University (2012)

A member of nearly every drama production and vocal group on campus, LaRon Grant spent much of his time at QU in the spotlight. His talents, charisma, and leadership shone both on stage and behind the scenes. Nowadays, LaRon is commanding much larger stages in New York as a teacher, choreographer, and performer!

A Competitor

A Competitor – Courtney Belger
Professional Athlete — Itzehoe Eagles (Germany)
B.S. Sport Management – Quincy University (2012)

A key member of the Hawks basketball team from 2008 to 2012, Courtney became a leader on and off the court. The sport management major helped the Hawks to their first ever Sweet Sixteen appearance in 2010 as a sophomore. Courtney is now playing pro ball as a member of the Itzehoe Eagles in Germany.

A Trailblazer

A Trailblazer – Mallory Littlejohn
B.A. Political Science – Quincy University (2008)

A student body president and member of QU’s award-winning Mock Trial team, Mallory turned her apt for leadership and legal studies into an internship with the local prosecutor’s office. After QU, she earned a juris doctor from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago and is now a successful lawyer for a non-profit agency in Southern Illinois.

A Rising Star

A Rising Star – Mike Colombo
News Reporter – KMOV St. Louis
B.A. Communication – Quincy University (2008)

As a freshman, Mike discovered his passion for journalism thanks in large part to the encouragement and mentorship provided by his teachers. Mike turned an internship at a local television station into full time reporter and part-time anchor position and learned as much as he could first-hand. He is now a respected and Emmy-winning reporter for KMOV in his hometown of St. Louis.

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