Admitted Student Day- Saturday, March 2nd


What is Hawkish?
A day of fun for newly admitted students, with carnival games, food and beverages from local venues, and chances to spend time with future QU students, as well as our faculty and staff.

Who can attend?
Students who are admitted to QU before Friday, Feb. 23rd, and have registered for this event.

When is it?
Saturday, March 2nd @ 10:00 am

Why attend Hawkish?
Hawkish offers a light-hearted atmosphere and community-driven schedule of events and offerings for students to connect with Quincy University differently- almost like a QU Hawk. They can then use their experience and interactions to decide if QU is the best fit for their college experience.

Important Details:

  • Athletes who have signed letters of intent must also have applied and gained admission to the University before they can attend this event.
  • This day does not include campus tours or formal discussions with professors regarding majors.
  • Students should not use this event as their first look at QU.
  • This event will not count towards the Discovery scholarship.
  • Students are welcome to bring 1-2 parents or guardians with them

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