Quincy University Welcomes Fontbonne University Students

Quincy University is very sorry that Fontbonne University will close after Summer 2025. Quincy University and Fontbonne University share many of the same Catholic values, and we are saddened by Fontbonne’s need to cease operations.

All students in good academic standing at Fontbonne University will be offered admission to Quincy University. 

Students will need to complete the QU application for admission at www.quincy.edu/admissions/apply-now/ and send in an official transcript from Fontbonne and any other higher education institutions attended.  Students will also need to complete the FAFSA for financial aid consideration. 

QU is committed to assisting Fontbonne students with making a QU education affordable and every effort will be made to keep students on track for their anticipated graduation date.  Any Fontbonne student or community member who needs help, guidance, or advice from any Quincy University office is always welcome to contact us.

There are many similarities between Fontbonne University and Quincy University including:

  • Small
  • Private
  • Catholic Heritage
  • Closely Aligned Mission and Values
  • Located on the Mississippi River
  • Service to the St. Louis Region
  • Values of the Liberal Arts based General Education Program

Quincy University is committed to seeing all students graduate on time through its Success by Design initiative.  This program ensures all students have an individualized success plan that gets regularly reviewed with both their student success coach and faculty advisor.    Success by Design is a response to our Franciscan values and our care for every unique individual.

For more information about transferring to Quincy University please contact fontbonne@quincy.edu.

Teach Out Coordinator – Dr. Kimberly Hale

Associate Dean of Transfer Admission – Amy Stollberg