Honors Admission & Retention

Participation in the University Honors Program is voluntary. Entering freshmen, current Quincy students in their first year of study, and transfer students are eligible for the program.

Entering Freshmen

Students entering the university may be invited to join the Honors Program. The Honors Committee will give priority to entering freshmen who have a composite ACT of 26 or SAT score of 1230 and a high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.4.

Current Quincy Students

The Honors Committee may also invite qualified first-year university students to join the program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may petition to join the program on the same terms as a second semester Quincy student. A student must complete at least 60 hours at Quincy in order to receive Quincy honors at graduation.

Annual Review

Every spring, the Honors director will evaluate each student’s progress in the Honors Program. Honors students must maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA and earn at least a B in Honors courses to remain in the program. Honors students are expected to demonstrate reasonable progress towards meeting Honors Program requirements or be asked to leave the program. The director will contact students who drop below these criteria and inform them that they have one semester to meet the program’s standards. The director will notify students who do not meet Honors expectations that they must withdraw from the program.

Program Evaluation

Each spring the honors faculty and students will meet to discuss and evaluate the Honors Program. In open discussion and in written evaluations, students and faculty will comment on: the effectiveness of the Honors Program in meeting its goals of promoting academic excellence, creating a shared experience in an intellectual community, and preparing students for a life of service and leadership; the value of core, elective, and colloquia courses; the contributions of the honors faculty and director; and any other points which would help build the program.