Show us your best stuff!

Guidelines for submitting your portfolio:

As a prospective student, you will need to submit a selection of 15-20 examples of your strongest and most recent artwork.

Use only original artwork for your portfolio

  • Include pieces that show your unique style and subject matter you’re interested in
  • You can have variety in your portfolio,  single medium or you may share a variety of media styles
  • Portfolios must be submitted digitally. Please apply using the registration form above and use the email below to submit your portfolio
  • Please submit PowerPoint presentations only
  • Maximum amount of pieces should be 15 pieces  / Minimum amount: 10 pieces with description and notes next to each image in presentation.

What not to submit

  • Do not include artwork that is a direct copy of another artist’s work, design, ideas or characters
  • Please do not submit performances, music recordings, plays, or creative writing samples in your portfolio.

Submit Portfolio to: