The Dean’s List does not go on official university transcripts and is not part of a students permanent record.  It is a temporary honor that is reserved for undergraduate full-time students only.  Students with incomplete grades are not eligible for the Dean’s list.

QUINCY, Ill. – Quincy University released its Dean’s List for the Spring 2019 semester. Honorees must earn a semester grade point average of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) to be included in the biannual Dean’s List. In total, 366 students received the honor during the Spring 2019 semester. A complete list of honorees is listed below:

Dayanara Abernathy of Quincy, IL

Jessica Abrego of Augusta, IL

Kingsford Adjei of Gloucester, United Kingdom

Jordan Altmix of Quincy, IL

Austin Amelung of Defiance, MO

Paige Anderson of O’Fallon, MO

Mary Argana of Festus, MO

Justin Armfield of Eureka, MO

Raven Ash of Golden, IL

Shannon Atkinson of St Charles, MO

Emilee Autry of St Louis, MO

Madison Badgley of Liberty, IL

Ernest Baker of Hazel Crest, IL

Jennifer Ball of Hannibal, MO

Michele Barletta of Johannesburg, South Africa

James Barlow of Springfield, IL

Dakota Barnett of Camp Point, IL

Shane Barrett of St Peters, MO

Madeline Bauer of O’Fallon, MO

Meaghan Beatenhead of Eureka, IL

Abigail Bemis of Quincy, IL

Haley Bentel of Springfield, IL

Brittany Bentley of Springfield, IL

Marissa Bergstedt of Logansport, IN

Jayme Bertish of St Louis, MO

Kay Bettendorf of Parker, CO

Eric Betts of Camp Point, IL

Philip Bland of Palmyra, MO

Rachel Bock of Philadelphia, MO

Lucas Booher of Quincy, IL

Kasey Bradley of Waterloo, IL

Cole Bradshaw of Griggsville, IL

Dorian Bramer of Quincy, IL

Amber Breeden of Golden, IL

Shelby Brennan of Durham, MO

Kimberly Bricker of Quincy, IL

Ryan Briscoe of St Charles, MO

James Broemmer of Quincy, IL

Aftan Bross of Hannibal, MO

Gage Brummell of Quincy, IL

Tyler Buckwalter of Palmyra, MO

Konnar Bunn of Palmyra, MO

William Burrel of Muskegon, MI

Marta Caballero García of Godfrey, IL

Ryan Callahan of Parkville, MO

Christina Calvo of Quincy, IL

Brooke Cameron of Hamilton, IL

Mitchell Carey of Quincy, IL

Abigail Carpenter of Freeburg, IL

Daisy Chavez of Lansing, IL

Simon Chretien of St Martens, NZ

Dylan Christiansen of O’Fallon, MO

Cole Cimarolli of Glen Carbon, IL

Emily Cintron of Geneva, IL

William Clark of Liberty, IL

Hayley Coffman of Eureka, IL

Cooper Coleman of Buckeye, AZ

Nathan Conerly of Webster Groves, MO

William Connell of Quincy, IL

Christopher Connolly of St Charles, MO

Samuele Contestabile of Celano, L’aquila, Italy

Edgar Cortes of Beardstown, IL

Lauren Crane of O’Fallon, MO

Jordyn Crenshaw of Canton, MO

Whitney Crowder of Pleasant Hill, IL

Joshua Crowl of Westville, IL

Alexander Crozier of Quincy, IL

Yvette Cruz of Lake Zurich, IL

Emma Cunningham of Quincy, IL

Gino D’Alessio of Milwaukee, WI

Brenlee Damon of Pleasant Hill, IL

Alexander David of Johnson Creek, WI

Cole Davis of Quincy, IL

Kristen De Santis of Quincy, IL

Shelby DeMint of Basco, IL

Sara Demuth of Shell Rock, IA

Allison Diekmann of Imperial, MO

Madeline Dietrich of New Athens, IL

Jenna Disseler of Quincy, IL

Gwendolyn Dix of Quincy, IL

Katelyn Dixon of Mendon, IL

Ashley Doellman of Quincy, IL

Collin Doiron of Red Bud, IL

Christa Dowil of New London, MO

Kaelen Dowling of Columbia, MO

Alexandra Doyle of Des Moines, IA

Rachel Edwards of Murrayville, IL

Melissa Elledge of Quincy, IL

Cassandra Ellison of Monmouth, IL

Brock Elmore of Quincy, IL

Abbigail Elsie of Quincy, IL

Erin Enger of St Louis, MO

Lucas Ensley of Quincy, IL

Emily Entrup of Quincy, IL

Haylee Enyart of McHenry, IL

Brenden Everhart of Frisco, TX

Remi Ferguson of East Peoria, IL

Madeline Finney of Louisville, KY

Margaret Flowerree of Quincy, IL

Jacob Flynn of Mt Sterling, IL

Josh Foster of Saverton, MO

Reide Frakes of Golden, IL

Matthew Friddle of Plainfield, IL

Quincy Fuehne of Aviston, IL

Shanna Garrison of Mt Sterling, IL

Alexis Giffin of Quincy, IL

Alexia Ginter of Troy, MO

Katherine Glidewell of Quincy, IL

Alyson Goggin of St Louis, MO

Marissa Gonzalez of Boerne, TX

Gabe Goodwin of Palmyra, MO

Allyson Gordon of Liberty, MO

Kolton Grawe of Fowler, IL

Jackson Gregory of St Joseph, MO

Andrew Grieshaber of Ste Genevieve, MO

Luis Guzman of Brentwood, NY

Summer Hall of Quincy, IL

Payton Hamilton of Abingdon, IL

Briar Hancock of Paris, MO

Aareon Hardin of Florissant, MO

Lakin Hardy of Quincy, IL

Marvion Harris of Riverview, FL

Cooper Harrison of Wildwood, MO

Samantha Harshbarger of Bethalto, IL

Alsadiq Hasan of St Louis, MO

Riley Hayes of Florissant, MO

Caitlyn Hecht of Quincy, IL

Jeremy Heer of Brookfield, IL

Rachel Henrichs of Liberty, MO

Carrie Hert of Quincy, IL

Ashley Hibbard of Quincy, IL

Katheryn Hildebrand of Plainville, IL

Josh Hodde of Vandalia, MO

Nathan Hoebing of Quincy, IL

Caitlin Hoeltje of Quincy, IL

Allyson Hoener of Quincy, IL

Anna-Marie Hoener of Quincy, IL

Mattie Hoiness of Rochelle, IL

Rachel Holtmeyer of Quincy, IL

Veronica Holtschlag of Camp Point, IL

Dante Hoover of Winchester, IL

Hannah Horman of Holmen, WI

Demetrius Houston of Birmingham, AL

Hannah Howard of Mt Sterling, IL

Lindsey Hubble of Quincy, IL

Shane Hulsey of Troy, MO

Alison Humphrey of Payson, IL

Bridget Hunkins of St Louis, MO

David Jacob of Springfield, IL

Samantha Jacobson of Monroe City, MO

Michael Janssen of Augusta, IL

Samuel Jehle of Wentzville, MO

Brianna Johnson of Quincy, IL

Bryce Johnson of Rockford, IL

Tyler Johnston of Hannibal, MO

Natalie Jones of Florissant, MO

Peyton Jones of Pittsfield, IL

Timothy Jones of Park Forest, IL

William Kaiser of St Louis, MO

Jacob Kalusniak of St Charles, MO

Margarita Kanaeva of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Abigail Kastenholz of Pewaukee, WI

Bailey Keller of Quincy, IL

Logan Keppner of Coatsburg, IL

Courtney Kernich of Mt Olive, IL

Nathan Kewney of Quincy, IL

Jenny King of Mendon, IL

Valerie Kirk of Curryville, MO

Jakob Kjeldbjerg of Gurnee, IL

Alexis Klinner of Quincy, IL

Logan Klitzing of Beecher City, IL

Michael Klotz of Millstadt, IL

Taylor Klusmeyer of Mendon, IL

Marisa Koch of Quincy, IL

Abigail Kohlberg of Moro, IL

Anna Konczak of Peru, IL

Carson Kroshinsky of Quincy, IL

Breanna Kurk of Coatsburg, IL

Jaime Lam of Plymouth, IL

Kellyn Lamore of Holmen, WI

Nicole Lao of Chicago, IL

Caleb Lay of Plainville, IL

JouMi Lee of Quincy, IL

Cameron Legree of Altamonte Springs, FL

Athena Lesiotis of River Forest, IL

Amber Lippincott of Oceanside, CA

McKinney Little of Quincy, IL

Zoey Little of Quincy, IL

Michaela Llewellyn of Quincy, IL

Lance Loos of Quincy, IL

Alexis Losson of Palmyra, MO

Carley Lovelace of Palmyra, MO

Alexa Low of Beavercreek, OH

Chase Lowenstein of Union, IL

Autumn Lucas of Liberty, IL

Matthew Lussnig of Huntley, IL

Sarah Luther of Oak Creek, WI

Alyssa Machold of Quincy, IL

Laura Mackrides of Golden, IL

Jamie Maloney of Industry, IL

Mary Maloney of O’Fallon, MO

Lydia Martens of Heyworth, IL

Alexis Martin of Warrenton, MO

Connor Martin of Swansea, IL

Riley Martin of Salem, IL

Jennifer Masker of New Canton, IL

Kara McCleary of Mendon, IL

Emily McCleery of Quincy, IL

Gavin McDaniel of Quincy, IL

Hallie McKenna of Quincy, IL

Devin McKiernan of Quincy, IL

Taylor McMonagle of Green Bay, WI

Kendall Means of Springfield, IL

Jessica Merino of Orland Park, IL

Benjamin Mero of Quincy, IL

Adam Meyer of Laguna Niguel, CA

Haley Milazzo of East Alton, IL

Abbigail Milhauser of Liberty, IL

Brigita Miller of Quincy, IL

Evan Milsteadt of Normal, IL

Stephanie Mizeur of Springfield, IL

Samuel Mock of Desoto, MO

Dominic Monti of Arnold, MO

Abbey Moore of Morris, IL

Ashley Morelock of Novinger, MO

Bailey Morrow of Springfield, IL

Danielle Moss of Fowler, IL

Faith Mountain of Mt Sterling, IL

Cassandra Moya of Quincy, IL

Brooklyn Murfin of Liberty, IL

Daniel Murray of Algonquin, IL

Corbin Myers of Quincy, IL

Fallon Myers of Brooklyn Park, MN

Lauren Nadler of Erlanger, KY

Carter Naughton of Mundelein, IL

Samantha Newbanks of Quincy, IL

Elizabeth Niewohner of Quincy, IL

Emily Novelli of St Charles, MO

Dusty Nutt of Quincy, IL

Emily Obert of Quincy, IL

Katelyn Obert of Liberty, IL

Dayja Oenning of Quincy, IL

Jason Okoro of Plano, TX

Brittany Orf of Bowling Green, MO

Gabriella Orlando of St Charles, MO

Shane Ormond of Liberty, IL

Abbey Owens of Marseilles, IL

Emily Owens of Marseilles, IL

Julie Palmer of Quincy, IL

Lindsay Parker of Clayton, IL

Samantha Parker of Clayton, IL

Elise Pasley of Quincy, IL

Sara Pate of Pevely, MO

Richard Peat of Fenton, MO

Coelle Peck of Quincy, IL

Venancio Pedrao da Silva of Quincy, IL

Jordan Penrose of Maywood, MO

Judith Percy of Quincy, IL

Kyra Percy of Quincy, IL

Aleksandra Petrovic of Bel Aire, KS

Paige Phelps of Rushville, IL

Cassie Phillips of Coatsburg, IL

Gregory Phillips of Canton, MO

Hannah Pickett of Quincy, IL

Thomas Pickett of Quincy, IL

Casey Pigg of Quincy, IL

Connor Pigg of Quincy, IL

Edward Plesha of Bloomington, IL

Jessica Poore of Grover, MO

Margaret Porterfield of St Louis, MO

Troy Potts of Quincy, IL

Cortney Powell of Clayton, IL

Kylie Powers of Oak Forest, IL

Josiah Prenger of Columbia, MO

Amber Price of Quincy, IL

Ryan Price of Arnold, MO

Abigail Pulliam of Eureka, MO

Chandler Purcell of Waterloo, IL

Julissa Quinonez of Rochelle, IL

Benjamin Rachilla of Mountain Top, PA

Sofia Radice of West Chicago, IL

Sara Rathbun of Danvers, IL

Bridget Regan of Oak Lawn, IL

Brandon Reichel of Grayslake, IL

Kayla Reichert of Quincy, IL

Austin Reiter of Kansas City, MO

Kristian Reiter of Kane, IL

MaKayla Robbins of Barry, IL

Thomas Robson of Cross Plains, WI

Hayley Rocco of St Peters, MO

Justin Rodriguez of Bolingbrook, IL

Adam Rogan of St Charles, MO

Ty Rogers of Jacksonville, IL

Madeline Rooney of St Charles, MO

Kelli Roskamp of Sutter, IL

Logan Ross of Quincy, IL

Peyton Ross of Clayton, MO

Alaina Rothermich of Old Monroe, MO

Julianna Rourke of Pacific, MO

Alec Roussin of Fenton, MO

Shannon Rudd of Knox City, MO

Amalia Rueter of Hoffman, IL

Andrew Rund of St Louis, MO

Landon Ruzicka of Canton, GA

Holly Sabo of Pawnee, IL

Meghan Salamon of Pecatonica, IL

Alexandra Severino of St Louis, MO

Abigail Shaw of Hamilton, IL

Krista Shear of Quincy, IL

Parker Shelton of Payson, IL

Grace Siebers of Fowler, IL

Kelsey Simmons of Mendon, IL

Baylee Smith of Rochester, IL

Kayce Smith of Griggsville, IL

Michaela Spanbauer of Oregon, IL

Nolan Spencer of Quincy, IL

Avery Spilker of Camp Point, IL

Matt Stefan of Xenia, OH

Baylie Stephens of Oro Valley, AZ

Kennidy Stephens of Quincy, IL

Andrew Stock of Quincy, IL

Emily Stupavsky of Quincy, IL

Lauren Suchland of Moscow Mills, MO

Jennifer Taylor Bell of Quincy, IL

Madalyn Tegeler of Effingham, IL

Felipe Teles Santana of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Devin Thomas of New Berlin, IL

Natiaya Thompson of Barry, IL

Chyrome Thorpe of Imperial Beach, CA

Eric Tipton of Moscow Mills, MO

Genesis Torrens of Westmont, IL

Kevin Turnbow of Quincy, IL

Johnny Turner of Quincy, IL

Madelyn Vahle of Quincy, IL

Emily Van Rie of Kirksville, MO

Zachary Vanderbol of Quincy, IL

Cameryn Varble of Carrollton, IL

Emma Vaughn of St Charles, MO

Jennifer Vaughn of Quincy, IL

Austin Velasquez of Lansing, IL

Amanda Vogel of Quincy, IL

Hannah Ward of Quincy, IL

David Webb of LaVista, NE

Nasiha Wehrheim of Quincy, IL

Erik Weiler of Edwardsville, IL

Danielle Wells of Barry, IL

Thomas Wensing of Quincy, IL

Matthew Westphal of St Charles, MO

Abigail Wheelan of Paris, MO

Tessa Wheelan of Pleasant Hill, IL

Oliver Whitham of Settle, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Adam Whybrow of Brandon Suffolk, United Kingdom

John Widhalm of Columbia, MO

Whitney Wiggins of Rockford, IL

Kennedy Wilkins of Quincy, IL

Sara Wilson of Rushville, IL

Veronica Wingerter of Quincy, IL

Michal Wiseman of Quincy, IL

Seth Witte of Payson, IL

Reed Wolfmeyer of Liberty, IL

Samie Woodrow of New London, MO

Kaylee Young of Quincy, IL

Aidan Zanger of Payson, IL

Blaklyn Zenner of Pittsfield, IL

Jordan Zimmer of Hannibal, MO

Lucas Zurcher of Nappanee, IN


The Dean’s List does not go on official university transcripts and is not part of a students permanent record.  It is a temporary honor that is reserved for undergraduate full-time students only.  Students with incomplete grades are not eligible for the Dean’s list.