Michelle Combs, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

  • 1800 College Ave
  • Quincy, IL 62301
  • North Campus B123
  • combsmi@quincy.edu
  • 217-228-5432 ext:3274

The Combs Laboratory

As a developmental biologist at a liberal arts institution, I am keenly aware that
fundamental insights are often realized at the intersection of interrelated concepts. My
lab group seeks to further science and science education by researching evolutionary
developmental biology.
Combs Lab Student Researchers have successfully isolated and amplified DNA from
model and endogenous organisms in order to glean information on the evolution of the
Sonic Hedgehog gene and its regulatory mechanisms. Student researchers also adapted
protocols to enable colleagues to grow chick embryos ex vivo to better allow
experimental manipulation and observation of development. Scientific data and
techniques are then disseminated as original research findings and laboratory modules to
further scientific education. Read more>