National Alumni Board


Quincy University’s National Alumni Board is comprised of 19 alumni representing different geographical regions of the nation.  Assisted by the director of alumni relations, the Alumni Board helps plan Homecoming, facilitates the selection of the annual distinguished alumni award winners, reviews and approves the Hall of Fame inductions, assists in developing relationships between alumni and students, and promotes giving to the University. The board holds annual meetings in Quincy, Chicago, and St. Louis.

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Alumni Association and Board is to foster a positive long-term relationship between alumni and Quincy University, to stimulate and maintain this relationship, and to support the University community.

To this end, the National Alumni Board will communicate with Alumni, will support the activities of the University, and will assist in fundraising and coordination of alumni activities under the direction of the University.


The members of the National Alumni Board for 2013-14 are listed below:

National Alumni Board Officers:

President - Ann Comerford '91
Macomb, Illinois

Vice President - Kevin McAlinden '73
Chicago, Illinois

Secretary - John Costello '97
Chicago, Illinois


Board Members:
Ed Andrade '94 - Chicago, IL (President Elect)
T.R. Barry '03 - Chicago, IL
Paul Brown '65 - Quincy, IL
Tara Charvat '94 - Berkeley Heights, NJ
Mike Dietrich '96 - Millstadt, IL
Tom Gorell '63 - Fort Collins, CO
Nicole Heerlein '02 - St. Louis, MO
James McDowell '61 - Quincy, IL
Craig Moore '97 - St. Louis, MO
Pat Ostergren '94 - Minneapolis, MN
John Paunan '96 - Arlington Heights, IL
Sue Rodriguez '71 - San Antonio, TX
Steve Rak '00 - St. Louis, MO (Vice President Elect)
Melvin Roberson '97 - Dolton, IL
Mary Pat Vahlkamp '88 - Quincy, IL
Harry Williams '98 - St. Louis, MO


For more information on Quincy University's National Alumni Board, or to nominate yourself or a classmate for induction, contact Ann Comerford '91 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .