The endurance of Quincy University, against all obstacles, is a tribute to the power of faith.  The faith of the people of Quincy, who believed in the importance of a university in the midst of their beautiful city on the Mississippi. The faith of prospective students from across the nation and around the world, who came to Quincy University to learn from its talented faculty. The faith of the Franciscan Friars, who knew what a Catholic, Franciscan education could do to uplift people of all creeds and beliefs. 

At a time of great societal change, Quincy University remains steadfast in its mission to prepare men and women for leadership and for the transformation of the world.  But QU also has been undergoing a transformation of its own.  The research of the past few decades has given us a greatly enhanced understanding of how students learn and what must be done to make student success possible.  QU has responded to societal change and to this new knowledge by remaking the student experience. Students now have tutoring and success coaches.  New software tools help QU faculty and staff identify and assist students with their academic and personal challenges.  And, beginning in 2020, each student will have to prepare and regularly update an individualized student success plan, as a guide to on-time graduation and career readiness.

Under the direction of new President Brian McGee, our goal is to ensure that every student admitted to QU will succeed.  Students at QU will not succeed or fail based on luck, or struggle because they fell through the cracks.  Students at QU will excel because the entire QU experience is designed for success. 






“As a student at QU, I was offered many networking opportunities and experiences. My classes taught me the technical skills that I needed, but more importantly, the qualities that helped me stand out amongst other job applicants. An internship opportunity during my senior year at Rokusek Design in Quincy led to a full-time job after graduation. What other universities can offer its students the opportunity to be involved in anything they want to?”


“I chose QU because of the many scholarships offered, and it was one of the few colleges to offer a computer science degree in the area. QU helped prepare me for my career as several of my professors worked in the field and were able to translate the real world into the classroom. That classroom experience helped me obtain a job in Quincy in my degree field right after graduation.” 



Over the past few years, Quincy University has overcome the immediate challenge of a significant budget deficit.  After setting a five-year goal to raise $7 million in support of recovery from this deficit, employees, alumni, and community leaders far exceeded that goal. Instead, our community members together raised over $8.7 million in only three years, even while completing and exceeding the goals for the Forever Forward fundraising campaign, which provided $25.5 million for improvements to the Quincy University campus and programs. At the same time, Quincy University honored Phil Conover for his successful presidency and completed a national presidential search, culminating in the hiring of Brian McGee as Quincy University’s 24th president.

Quincy University was founded in 1860 to serve the people of Quincy and the surrounding areas, and QU’s contributions to the region are now being more fully recognized.  With a large number of QU graduates remaining in the region and contributing to the local workforce, QU is a leading contributor to the economic development and energy of the community.  A recent study found that QU’s annual economic impact on the Quincy area is approximately $53 million.  Simply stated, Quincy and Quincy University are economically dependent on one another.

Today, Quincy University is moving beyond financial recovery. Our campus master plan has been successfully completed, with millions of dollars committed to new and renovated facilities. New academic programs have been added or are being added. All our academic and athletic programs are realizing the full benefits of previous investments in campus facilities. A record number of prospective students are now being recruited to QU. A state-of-the-art cybersecurity lab has been opened, complementing other recent investments in our science labs, video production facilities, and performance spaces for the fine arts. New opportunities have been created for high-impact, experiential education, including expanded financial support for study abroad, undergraduate research, and service learning.  Record gifts to the QU Annual Fund were received in 2019. The requirement for a personalized student success plan, to be updated yearly by each student in close cooperation with academic advisors and success coaches, is beginning in 2020.

Now is the time to conclude recovery fundraising, even while acknowledging the critical role played by philanthropy in securing the future of Quincy University. Now is the time to begin the new campaign for Quincy University, Succeeding by Design, which will bring the same attention to the university’s success that already is devoted to the success of individual students.






Philanthropy is a powerful tool for leadership, as investments in QU’s future provide new opportunities for students and secure the financial future of QU for decades and centuries to come. QU will succeed and thrive because of its extraordinary and highly personalized commitment to student success – a commitment that no large university can match, a commitment essential to our Franciscan identity – and because so many will contribute to QU’s financial health.  

The Succeeding by Design campaign prioritizes the success and support of current students. As has been true at QU ever since the Franciscan Friars founded our university on the American frontier, students come first. Every commitment to Succeeding by Design is a direct investment in the student experience and a decision to lead by example. 

Student Scholarships: By any standard, a Quincy University education remains highly affordable, and many students pay less at QU than they would at some public universities in their home states.  The quality and affordability of a QU education have never been more obvious.  At the same time, the financial needs of our students have never been greater. Support for student scholarships will provide the opportunity to attend QU to more students and will encourage students of exceptional ability to come to QU. 

Student Experiences: Whether inside or outside the classroom, the student experience determines what students learn and what new graduates have the potential to do as they enter the workforce.  New investments in classroom and laboratory equipment and in campus facilities will allow even better student preparation for the challenges of the 21st century. New funding support will allowstudents access to new opportunities away from the classroom and from campus. 

Your investment matters for QU students and for the future of Quincy University.  Your financial gift, planned gift, pledge, or gift of real estate will make a lasting difference in the lives of QU Hawks. 

It’s time for all Hawks to soar.

Quincy University. Success by Design.