Faculty Solidarity Statement

Quincy University Faculty Statement of Solidarity Against Systemic Racism and Other Forms of Oppression.

We, the undersigned faculty at Quincy University, emphatically and unequivocally stand in support of continuous, peaceful acts of protest against systemic racism and other forms of oppression perpetuated by systems that aim to support social injustice. We fully acknowledge the deleterious historical and omnipresent impact that racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of systemic oppression have on both victims and perpetrators alike and strive to promote anti-oppressive action in our policies, practices, and interpersonal interactions. We collectively grieve the lives of the numerous Black/Indiginous People of Color (BIPOC) citizens who have been senselessly murdered by police officers and explicitly denounce all forms of police brutality and systemic racism. We unconditionally support the Black Lives Matter movement in their efforts to promote anti-oppressive change throughout the world and denounce counter-movements aimed at supplanting the goal of dismantling oppressive institutions.

We believe that the Quincy University mission, particularly the focus on “justice” and “respect for each person” with “dignity, value, and worth” compels us to move beyond addressing the call to combat social injustice as solely an intellectual debate, void of meaningful action. As a faculty at a liberal arts institution, we recognize the need to reach students where they currently exist. Thus, we vow to model anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-heterosexist and other anti-oppressive action via our interactions with students, colleagues, and members of the community. We vow to hold each other accountable and strive to educate members of the community when we encounter systemic oppression within our communities.

In solidarity,

Julia Auch

Nora Baldner

Megan Boccardi

Richard Buckwalter

Joe Coelho

Christine Damm

Asabi Dean

Caitlin Deskins

Siobhan Doucette

Vicky Eidson

Andrea Fifield

Kimberly Hale

Cynthia Haliemun

Doug Johnson

Michael Keller

Kettisha Hodges

Byron Holdiman

Jung Kim

William Machold

Robert Manning

Glenda McCarty

Gary Meacher

Kristina Mouzakis

Ken Oliver

Jayme Peacock

Christina Priebe

Barbara Schleppenbach

Patricia Tomczak

Dana Charles Walker

Neil Wright

Travis Yates

*names listed in alphabetical order