Dr. Megan Boccardi recently became one of only three people who have received the Fulbright Award at Quincy University. The Fulbright Program offers this prestigious award to those with leadership potential, strong academic background, and the desire to bring together an understanding of differing cultures in the form of a successful Fulbright project. Dr. Boccardi was awarded a semester-long teaching grant for the University of Venice, Ca’Foscari, and taught about 20 students in American Culture Studies, a graduate readings seminar.

“The teaching experience really exposed me to the different pedagogy used in other countries, and I think that I might try some of those ideas in my classroom. I think more importantly, I will continue to stress the importance of understanding the world outside of Quincy, Illinois and the United States,” Boccardi says.

Dr. Boccardi was able to become a resident of Venice and visit places she had wanted to see since a young age including her family’s hometown in Ireland and Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. She was also able to experience countries such as Austria, England, France, Greece, and Turkey.

“It was an amazing honor to receive a Fulbright and to represent both the US, but also Quincy University in another country,” Boccardi says.

Dr. Megan Boccardi joins Dr. Robert Gervasi and Dr. Robert Manning as recipients of the Fulbright Award, and she hopes she can use the experience to help bring about greater cultural awareness to her students and community.